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‘It makes my skin crawl’: TikToker says she found ‘peephole’ in ex-roommate’s room that looks into her bathroom

'I didn't see it.'


Lauren Castro


Posted on Feb 28, 2022   Updated on Mar 2, 2022, 10:35 am CST

In a now-viral video, TikToker @xx.ryry says that she found a “peephole” in her ex-boyfriend’s friend’s bedroom that looks into the bathroom shower. The video garnered more than 1.1 million views since being posted on Sunday.


“This is Jacob’s room. He just moved all of his stuff out,” Ry said in the video. “I’m having a panic attack. That is our shower.” 

She showed a hole that appeared to be bigger than a nail and goes all the way through the wall. As the video gained more attention, TikTok users weighed in on her situation. In the comments, Ry addressed the most-asked questions.

“1) The singular hole that goes all the way through was perfectly hidden under a corner shelf, no I didn’t see it,” Ry said. “2) I no longer live in this house because it was an unsafe environment so I can’t promptly show you a video of the other side, I’m not making this up.”

Ry posted a follow up-video the morning after her original post to provide more insight into her living situation. She said her current boyfriend, Ryan, confronted Jacob. She said although he wouldn’t provide an explanation, Jacob told Ryan “that it was just a mistake.” 


“I don’t understand why he wouldn’t cover [the hole] if that was the case,” Ry said. “I know a lot of people are saying it’s impossible to see through the hole, but I was shocked to see a complete view of the shower when I looked through. It’s since been filled in, and I am no longer living in that house.”

In the comments of her second video, TikTok users voiced their concerns.

“By the looks of the drywall and the way it’s puckering outward in the bedroom means he drilled in from the bathroom side,” user Leigha Hankins wrote.

“It’s important to at least document this with a police report,” user @Itsssmeeed said. “He will continue this behavior.” 

“It’s definitely the size of a hidden camera,” user Vanessa commented. “Get police involved.” 

Although most surveillance cameras are bigger than the hole shown, an advanced pinhole camera gives the user the ability to place a small camera at the end of a cord into a hole and can be as small as the point of a pin, according to Wise-Geek.

In Ohio, where Ry lives, voyeurism, or watching people who are either undressed or engaging in sexual activity for sexual gratification, is a crime.

Under the law, a person charged with a voyeurism crime must register as a sex offender and can serve up to 12 months in prison, according to a website for legal firm Gournaris Abboud. 

After she posted the TikTok video, Ry said she received a barrage of harassment from Jacob’s “gamer buddies.” Ry also said in a follow-up video that she’s pregnant with her first child is worried about the effects of undue stress on her baby.

“It’s been disheartening and embarrassing,” Ry continued. “I don’t want to assume the worst but after seeing so many people say that it looks like a pinhole camera was placed there, I just can’t get that out of my head and it makes my skin crawl. I think it really exposes a common theme with most men, how they believe women are just objects for viewing pleasure that owe them warmth, sweetness, and, love, and if you treat them neutrally and [if you] have strong boundaries, you’re an evil witch.”

In a TikTok direct message to the Daily Dot, Ry said she does not intend to involve the police unless the situation escalates.

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*First Published: Feb 28, 2022, 6:00 pm CST