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‘My boss didn’t know I was right here’: TikToker films manager complaining about her—literally behind her back

'Be a queen. Even if you lose it sometimes.'


Braden Bjella


Posted on Feb 28, 2022   Updated on Mar 2, 2022, 10:57 am CST

Adding to the growing trend of TikTokers sharing frustration with their jobs, user Samantha Rae Garcia (@samantharaegarc) posted a video of her boss unknowingly, as Garcia put it, “talking shit” about her within earshot. By Monday, the video had 1.4 million views.


I quit my job of 4 years today. I’m done with these disrespectful, hasn’t had manager training in 50 years managers. BYE❤️ but also $samgar2769

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“My boss didn’t know I was right here while she was talking shit about me,” Garcia writes in the overlay text in the video. She added in the caption that this incident and others like it inspired her to quit her Texas-based job. “I quit my job of 4 years today,” Garcia wrote. “I’m done with these disrespectful, hasn’t-had-manager-training-in-50-years managers. BYE.”

According to Samantha, the boss’ tirade allegedly began after she “used a to-go container instead of a tin container for two of our entrees.” This apparently inspired the boss to begin the 1-minute rant audible in the video. 

Comments were overwhelmingly supportive of Samantha’s decision to quit, and TikTokers voiced their shared distaste for Samantha’s manager—especially given how minor the indiscretion was that apparently set it off.

For example, in the manager’s rant, she says she’s tired of “babying people”—but as one TikToker pointed out, if she didn’t want to explain things to people, she shouldn’t have been in a managerial position to begin with.

“Thats 100% the job of a MANAGER!!” the TikToker wrote. “I am sorry you had to listen to that. Thats unprofessional.”

Another commenter said, “Any issues she had with you should’ve been discussed privately with you not with the other staff.

Other commenters noted that they shared similar experiences in their workplaces that also inspired them to quit.

“Girl I had the same experience!” wrote one user. “I was a [manager] for McDonald’s for 3 years and our new general manager talked down on me but was so nice to my face.”

“I took a $3/hr payCUT so that I didn’t have to work in a toxic environment anymore and I’m glad I did,” another shared.

Samantha wrote in the comments that soon after quitting her job, she found out she had been offered a new position.

“I interviewed for a dream entry level job a month ago, I thought I didn’t get it…. WELL I DID!!! I got the call today!!” she shared in a comment. She followed up, adding, “I’m in shock. You have no idea! Moral of the story is don’t let people disrespect and take advantage of you. Be a queen. Even if you lose it sometimes.”

Additionally, the boss is apparently aware of the TikTok and is not too happy about it. “YALL SHE MESSAGED ME THIS MORNING. THREATENING ME,” Samantha wrote.

But she later added that the overwhelming negative response to the manager on TikTok might have actually given her pause.

“Y’all called her out!” Samantha said in a comment. “She saw the video & it’s amazing to imagine her at night looking at all the comments. It’s the best thing I could’ve asked!”

Samantha did not immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via TikTok comment and Twitter reply.

Update 10:57am CT, March 2: Samantha told the Daily Dot why she thought her video hit home to so many TikTokers. “I think people are realizing their worth,” she said. “There’s so many managers that take advantage of their employees because they know we ‘need’ the job. In the end it feels good to see someone standing up for themselves and what they’re worth.”

As far as that specific manager is concerned, Samantha said that incidents like this were an ongoing issue. “I had many meets with my manager Glenna and her boss. I discussed how her micromanaging was making the employees resentful, including me,” she shared. “I had told her I hadn’t heard a compliment in two years from her and she proceeded to tell me I was basically asking her to ‘baby me.’ If you heard the video you know she had referred to ‘babying’ her employees.”

Although she hasn’t officially begun yet, Samantha said she’s excited about her new job. “I haven’t started yet because of scheduling issues but honestly I’m so happy to have this time off to focus on my school and mental health,” she told the Daily Dot.

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*First Published: Feb 28, 2022, 12:54 pm CST