A woman yelling off camera.


‘You’re a creepy-a** b*tch’: TikToker goes off on man she says has been following her for years, scares him away

She says she shared the video in case something happens to her.


Rachel Kiley


Posted on Nov 23, 2021   Updated on Nov 23, 2021, 1:38 pm CST

A TikToker turned the tables on a man she says was following her around at night, ultimately scaring him off.

User @stillnitsimplyy.nyy told viewers that a man in her area had been following her when they crossed paths for at least the past three years, with an escalation over the past two weeks. 

She said a few days ago, things got worse. She said that there was a brief interaction as she was on her way into a nearby store, and when she came back outside, he was waiting for her. He handed her two “fake ass looking 100 bill[s],” trying to get her to come home with him, which she declined to do.

Eventually, the TikToker started recording the interaction, noting on the video that it was “being [documented] for [her] safety.”

The TikToker says the man swung at her and tried to physically attack her, which set her off. Her recording shows her unleashing on the man, who remains off camera as he yells at her.

“Bitch, you over here trying to take people home for $200, you weird-ass bitch!” the TikToker screamed in return. “Every time I come down here! Every fucking time! So what you wanna do?”


After that, she darted back into the store and, emotions running high, tried to explain what was going on to someone else in the store. That interaction was documented in a subsequent video that includes the first part of the encounter with the man again as well.

“You handed me $200 and got mad when I wouldn’t go home with you because you’re a creepy-ass bitch. Ain’t got shit to do with me. Got me fucking scared to walk to the fucking store, bitch,” she said. “His ass just tried to square up with me, but then I was like, fuck it, bitch, I’ll fight you.”


Someone from the TikToker’s building was able to walk her home, but she has still expressed concern that the man in question has observed so much of her routine over the past several years and could track her down easily.

Viewers shared a number of suggestions to avoid him in the future, including dying her hair to be less noticeable, switching up her route, and holding her keys between her knuckles in case she needs to stab him in self-defense.

“I know y’all making jokes about her going off on him, but it’s really sad she even has to do all of that and she just trying to go to the store,” one TikToker wrote. Another pointed out that “this is really how you have to act tho,” in reference to her response in the moment.

“He picked the wrong one,” added @kerisnyder4. “Get you some pepper spray tho girl.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @stillsimplyy.nyy for comment.

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*First Published: Nov 23, 2021, 1:24 pm CST