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‘Her Tesla needs to auto drive her home’: Karen honks at TikToker over parking spot. She wanted an extra

'I always wondered why Tesla cars get keyed so much.'


Rachel Kiley


Posted on Dec 25, 2021   Updated on Dec 27, 2021, 10:04 am CST

Shopping during the holiday season can be a harrowing experience. Stores are overcrowded, items are out of stock, and people tend to act crazier than ever. But generally, by the time you check out and get to the parking lot, you have a little space to breathe; your job is done—for now—and you survived another holiday shopping trip.

But finishing your own shopping doesn’t always mean that you’re finished dealing with other holiday shoppers, as one TikToker’s video reminded us.

@m4df82 says she was loading her car up after doing some shopping at a strip mall when a so-called “Karen” in a Tesla pulled up and told her to hurry it up—not because she wanted the spot, but because she wanted to park in the one next to it.

“My door was up against my body but that wasn’t enough,” she wrote.

The video shows the two of them arguing, with @m4df82 tilting the camera to show that her car was well within the lines of the parking spot.

“You had left this door wide open and using ‘f’ language,” the woman argues, appearing to refer to the TikToker’s now-closed driver door. “You have problems.”

“Look at how many stalls are open!” @m4df82 says in response before panning the video around to various other spots that are open nearby.

But instead of choosing those, she says the Tesla driver started honking at her and kicked off this whole unnecessary verbal altercation. 


if you need me to be in my car with my door fully closed in order to park you’re obviously too close #fyp #crazykaren #tesla

♬ original sound – m4df82

There are absolutely times when someone loading their car up makes it difficult to park in a neighboring spot, but considering how many spots were available nearby, viewers weren’t keen on the demanding driver. But they also didn’t seem too surprised at the demanding driver.

“Tesla owners swear they own the world but they don’t even know how cheaply those cars are made,” @og_reeferchiefer wrote.

“I always wondered why Tesla cars get keyed so much,” added @angel89255.

Other commenters had some helpful suggestions for the interaction itself.

“Her Tesla needs to auto drive her home,” @lonefoxhome proposed, while @jinnojinsei pointed out that “her car has all those cameras… but she still can’t park.”

“I would have loaded my stuff and went shopping again,” said @joyceblanton0. “Funny how rich people think other people [have] to bow down to them.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @m4df82 for comment—and to hear how this parking spot spat came to a conclusion.

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*First Published: Dec 25, 2021, 12:48 pm CST