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‘B*tch, I’m just a barista. I’m not f*cking Valvoline’: Starbucks worker says customer asked him to push her car for her in drive-thru, didn’t even get out to help

'Never go above and beyond for customers lol, it always backfires.'


Braden Bjella


Posted on Jul 25, 2022

A Starbucks worker claimed a customer asked him to push her car for her through the drive-thru and didn’t even get out to help or thank him.

In the now-viral video, user Jojoe (@jojoethehoe) recounts the whole story, which he claims occurred in September.

“I’m never ever offering to cover a shift again,” he says at the beginning of the video.

Jojoe’s video currently has over 90,000 views.

@jojoethehoe this was in september lol, I think I can post it now.. #starbucks #mechanic #valvoline #cars ♬ original sound – jojoe

In the video, Jojoe says he was asked to cover a shift at a different location than the one he normally works.

After accepting, he discovered upon his arrival that he was the only man working there.

“That’s a factor, why I’m saying that,” he says of the comment.

He was working at the store when a woman’s car suddenly broke down in the drive thru. She asked for help from him, to which he obliged.

“I go out there, and I’m thinking they’re gonna help me,” Jojoe recalls. “They did not help me.”

As Jojoe did not know exactly how to handle the situation—as he explains in the video, “I make drinks. I don’t push cars! I’m not a mechanic”—he told her to put the car in neutral.

“It’s a big-ass suburban, and I was like, ‘Keep it in Neutral,’” he remembers. “‘I think, like, if you’re Neutral, I can push it.”

The car, unfortunately, did not budge, according to the worker.

Eventually, passengers came out of the car behind her to help Jojoe push. After a few seconds with no movement, one of the passengers told Jojoe to check if the car was truly in Neutral.

“No. It’s in Park,” Jojoe recalls.

He recalls the group then telling the woman to again put the car in neutral. Instead, Jojoe says, she put the car in drive—and easily drove away.

“She does not say thank you!” Jojoe exclaims. “I’m like, bitch! … I’m just a barista; I’m not fucking Valvoline!”

In the comments section, users commented on the absurdity of every part of the situation.

“How was she not embarrassed!?? the audacity lmfao,” one user wrote. “you’re so sweet though for helping.”

“No because when you’re the only guy and that automatically means you can push/carry 400 pounds,” another offered. “No, im gay im just here to talk.”

Others said they would not have assisted in the first place.

“I would [have] told [her] sorry I can’t,” a user claimed. “Try calling AAA.”

“Just say no it’s company policy or something,” a second added.

“Respectfully I would [have] said ‘Ohh no that sounds like a you problem,’” a third stated.

“I would have said, sorry for our own safety, we cannot do that,” a fourth wrote.

Further users said that Jojoe should not have to do anything outside of his job description.

As one user wrote, “Never go above and beyond for customers lol, it always back fires.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Jojoe via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Jul 25, 2022, 11:14 am CDT