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‘Spirit don’t wanna let these people fly with their dog THEY PAID FOR’: TikToker claims flight attendants stopped teens from bringing their pet on the flight

‘Strangers on the plane chipped in and paid for them so we can take off.’


Laiken Neumann


A TikToker claims Spirit Airlines flight attendants stopped teens from bringing their dog on the flight, even though they had already allegedly paid for the pet.

“Omg y’all our [plane] stopped [because] spirit don’t wanna let these people fly with their dog THEY PAID FOR!!!” user @geminiblondebby wrote via text on the video.

She says the flight attendants delayed the flight in order to get the teenage girls to pay again. 

@geminiblondebby Lol, guy who paid says “let the dog run up and down the aisle now, gotta get our money’s worth” LMAO #flying #airport #spiritairlines #dogs ♬ original sound – Chainy Bby

“Want these 16 year old girls to pay again, with no credit card!!!” the text overlay reads.

However, the TikToker claims that strangers chipped in to pay for them in order to take off.

“Lol, guy who paid says ‘let the dog run up and down the aisle now, gotta get our money’s worth’ LMAO,” she captioned the video, which received over 1 million views.

Many questioned the situation, which the TikToker explained in a follow-up video.

“Why did they want them to pay again? Could they not show receipt of payment for the dog ?” one user asked.

The TikToker says that the teenagers’ father was supposed to be on the flight, and the dog was paid for on his ticket. She says that he didn’t end up coming on the flight.

@geminiblondebby Reply to @yafavchicana22 ♬ original sound – Chainy Bby

Many users in the comments were outraged at the Spirit Airlines flight attendants.

“Nah cause if I researched & paid for my animal to be with me….” one user said.

“These flight attendants not human sometimes. Just make the exec decision and let the dog fly,” said another.

Others had their own complaints about airlines charging them multiple times for the same thing.

“Spirit does this all the time. they scam you out of money by making you pay extra for all this stuff online that they don’t honor in person,” one user claimed.

“Spirit didn’t let me on my plane and left me stranded in la bc they tried to charge me a 2nd time for luggage i alr paid for and didn’t have enough,” another said. 

One user empathized with the flight attendants.

“The thing is if it’s not marked on thier ticket that’s all the flight attendant knows. it’s up to management after that,” they said. 

However, others questioned why the issue would come up on the flight, but not at the gate beforehand.

“When you bring a pet you have to check in at counter why would they wait till you board to have an issue..,” one user said.

“Once a animal is onboard we don’t ask for paperwork everything goes thru gate agent,” said another.

The Daily Dot reached out to user @geminiblondebby via email and Spirit Airlines via email.

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