Scale weighing in 51.0 lbs with caption ' Southwest thinks this is a game?!'(l) Southwest female employee laughing after caught pushing scale caption ' Southwest thinks this is a game ?!' (r)


‘She’s giving me the extra LBs’: TikToker calls out Southwest agent for leaning on baggage scale, sparking debate

'I don’t think she did it on purpose she probably stands all day for her shift and I’m sure she is tired.'


Kathleen Wong


Posted on Mar 22, 2022   Updated on Apr 6, 2022, 3:51 pm CDT

A TikToker says a Southwest Airlines agent was leaning her knee on the baggage scale, making his luggage go over the maximum weight limit. The incident is sparking a debate in the comments on whether or not it was an accident.

The TikTok was posted on Friday by @thisismyburneraccounttt. “Leaning on the scale?! Cold world,” the caption reads. The clip shows the baggage scale at the check-in desk, the two Southwest agents, and the TikToker’s bag being weighed. The camera pans in on the scale reading 51 pounds.

“Southwest thinks this is a game,” the text overlay reads.

“Oh she’s leaning on it, she’s giving me the extra L-Bs,” the TikToker says.


Leaning on the scale?! Cold world

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The agent backs her left knee off of the scale and says, “Sorry.” The scale changes to 49.5 pounds

“Oh there we go, look at her trying to get me charged. We caught ’em, we caught ’em,” the TikToker says. “Breaking news.” In response, the agents laugh.

According to the Southwest Airlines website, a checked bag’s maximum weight is 50 pounds. Items that weight between 51 and 100 pounds will cost a fee of $75. As of Tuesday, the TikTok has over 8 million views.

In the comments, people believed the agent “knew exactly what she was doing and got caught.”

“Everyone saying ‘it’s a joke’ it’s not she’s laughing cuz she’s caught,” another TikToker commented. “I’ve literally had to watch out for them doing this because it happens a lot.”

“She was seriously tryin to be slick,” a TikToker wrote.

Other people defended the agent, saying, “It’s just a joke.”

“I don’t think she did it on purpose she probably stands all day for her shift and I’m sure she is tired,” another TikToker said.

Some people questioned how it benefits the agent to charge the fee. “People acting like they actually do this. It’s not like airline employees get commission, why would they go out of their way to do this?” a TikToker commented.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @thisismyburneraccounttt via TikTok comment and Southwest via email.

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*First Published: Mar 22, 2022, 6:44 pm CDT