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8 things to get if you couldn’t nab a SNES Classic Edition

Awesome stuff to hold you over until pre-orders open again.


Jaime Carrillo


Are you among the countless that simply couldn’t nab the SNES Classic edition? Here are eight SNES collectibles to satisfy the Classic Edition hole in your life.

1) SNES USB controller for Windows and Mac, 2-pack

Nothing beats the SNES controller when it comes to gaming. Use it to play games on your PC or Mac and see if you can’t replicate that 32-bit magic. It comes with two controllers,super nintendo which is perfect for competitive and co-operative play.

Price on Amazon: $10.99

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2) SNES: A Visual Compendium 

A must-have coffee table book for anyone worth their retro-gaming salt. This 536 page hardcover tome covers classics from Contra to Super Mario Kart. Perfect for educating noobs or simply ogling when you’re alone.

Price on Amazon: $23.33

Pre-order it here 

3) SupaBoy portable SNES console

What’s better than a SNES? A SNES you can play on the go, of course! Simply plug in a American or European SNES cartridge and play with power just like in the ’90s. This thing won’t drain batteries like a Game Gear, either. Simply plug in and enjoy 10 hours of uninterrupted play. You can even plug it into a TV if you want. Sweet!

Price on Amazon: $82.67

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4) Super Mario World the Complete Series DVD

Did you know Mario had his own cartoon? Super Mario World takes the classic SNES launch title and turns it into a family friendly Saturday morning romp. Watch Mario and his brother save Dinosaur Land with his friendly pal Yoshi.

Price on Amazon: $6.87

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5) Mario Coin box plush

Bet your bottom Koopa Coin there’s no place better to store loose change. No need to risk head injury to open it, either. This coin box opens with a simple zipper, letting you hide all manner of treasure inside. It’s perfect for amiibo, game cartridges or actual coins.

Price on Amazon: $11.76 (regularly $14.99)

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6) Super Mario World Pixel Pal

There are few things more charming than Mario turns to give you the peace sign every time you beat a level in Super Mario World. Enjoy Mario’s approval 24/7 with this light up pixel display. It looks great in any bedroom, office or gaming cave.

Price on Amazon: $14.99

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7) Monopoly Gamer Collector’s Edition

Sometimes, the best way to cope with not getting a game you want is by unplugging. Get your game on the old fashioned way with Monopoly Gamer edition. Play as Mario series characters and dominate a board packed with Nintendo goodies. Trade in Monopoly’s trademark tokens (see: choking hazard) and play as sturdy, amiibo-like tokens. Buy it alone or nab a few expansion packs to up your game.

Price on Amazon: $39.99

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8) NES and SNES Twin Video System

The SNES Classic Edition isn’t the only console available to get your SNES fix. This system by Retro-bit plays NES and SNES cartridges, and even imports from Japan. From the cartridge slot to the controllers, you’ll swear you’re playing the actual system, at almost half the cost no less. It’s available in four designs too.

Price on Amazon: $43.44

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