Racist snapchat filter on ghost

Illustration by Jason Reed

This time people are accusing the company of making a ‘yellowface’ lens.

Yesterday, Snapchat users were introduced to a filter that, according to some, made everyone look like an offensive Asian caricature. The filter gave users slanted eyes, large teeth, and blushed cheeks.

A Snapchat spokesperson told the Daily Dot that the filter has expired and will not be put back into circulation—also, that Snapchat lenses are never intended to offend.

But this isn’t the first time a filter has been considered, at best, questionable. Most notably there was the infamous “Bob Marley” filter, which put users in blackface. Then there was also the bindi filter, the numerous filters that appear to lighten the user’s skin, and the filter it was accused of stealing from artist Alexander Khokhlov. The company has also been accused of lifting filter ideas from multiple makeup artists.

Maybe this time, Snapchat’s learned its lesson? Maybe?

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