racist woman uses slur in taco bell rant


Racist Karen says she was shorted at Taco Bell. She wasn’t

'I'm Charlie Manson's daughter.'


Kahron Spearman


Posted on Sep 8, 2020

A phone video on Reddit shows an incredibly racist Karen claiming she was shorted tacos, throwing around racial slurs and empty threats from her tippy-toes at Taco Bell staffers. The video was allegedly filmed in Missouri.

The first intelligible thing the Taco Karen says in the video is “you pussy.”

“I’ma follow you home and fuck you up,” she says, yelling at the male cashier. In a twist, she proceeds to call him “a n****r” as a catch-all slur, as the employee did not appear to be Black.

Another employee reads back the receipt and shows she hadn’t been cheated—the Karen actually appeared to be upset about the cost of her “three burritos and two tacos.” She says she wants to talk to corporate. But then the maskless Karen requests tacos that she’s already received.

Once Taco Karen doesn’t get her way, she has a temper tantrum, pulling out and throwing the sauce stand and pushing various items off the counter. Each time, the Taco Bell employee calmly and hilariously explains to her: “That’s not doing anything.”

The racist Karen replies, walking out, “punk bitch, I’m bringing my husband in here. You’re going down, punk bitch, trust and believe. You fucked with the wrong motherfucker. I’m Charlie Manson’s daughter.”

“That explains a lot,” quips the employee.

Taco Karen’s relationship with infamous cult leader Charles Manson has not been verified. Manson, famous for a series of murders in 1969 that were allegedly meant to start a race war, had at least three biological children. However, the known children were all sons.

The video went viral on Reddit’s “Public Freakouts” forum on Monday.

User u/arycka927 wondered, “Drunk or Meth? Hmmm.” In one of the replies, u/TransparentBrickWall commented: “I dunno, blowing the N word with such gusto makes me think this is kinda normal for her, possibly sober but just a fucking horrible person.”

“Manson doesn’t have a biological daughter,” wrote u/r1verbend “Even if he did; she should have to pay the same inflated Taco Bell prices like the rest of us non-Manson kids.”

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*First Published: Sep 8, 2020, 7:36 am CDT