woman dancing caption 'I am hoping to adopt a baby...' (l) Woman dancing caption 'Whose pregnant mom is considering A b o r t i n g their unwanted baby' (c) woman dancing caption 'But open to adoption instead...' (r)


Pro-life creator said she’d adopt a baby to ‘spare’ a mother from the ‘trauma’ of abortion. TikTokers are clowning her

‘They say stuff like this while there’s so many kids in foster care.’


Kathleen Wong


A pro-life TikToker who posted a TikTok saying she’d adopt a baby to “spare” a woman from “the trauma of abortion” is getting clowned by people who counter that “adoption is far more traumatizing for the mother and child.”

Heather Morgan (@morganfamily_yt) posted the clip on Thursday, and as of Friday, it has over 11,800 views.

In the clip, she dances as the text overlay reads: “I am hoping to adopt a baby…whose pregnant mom is considering aborting their unwanted baby…but open to adoption instead…for the baby but also…to spare the mom the trauma of abortion.”

@morganfamily_yt #pregnancy #baby ♬ abusadamente x bum bum tam tam by altegomusic – ALTÉGO

Many commenters disagreed with Morgan’s views on abortion being traumatic. One user said,”Most women do not regret their abortions but relinquishment is absolutely a trauma and adoption is trauma for the adoptee.”

“[Abortion] is not w/o burden,” replied Morgan. “The loss of the child’s life will eventually be felt by the mom.”

Another TikToker shared, “I was adopted and had an abortion. That adoption caused me a life time of trauma. That abortion caused me none.”

One user said, “Adoption is far more traumatizing for the mother and child. Growing a human that you’re not ready to care for and then giving that human away.”

At least one person supported Morgan’s TikTok. “She’s literally giving other options that pro choicers have been asking for and it’s STILL not enough. you cannot win.”

TikToker Taylor (@emotionalsupportbigsis) duetted Morgan’s video to share their views on the topic.

@emotionalsupportbigsis #duet with @morganfamily_yt there’s only room for one bad yt girl dancer on adopteetok and that’s me #adoptiontrauma #adoptionistrauma #formerfosteryouth #fostercare #prochoice #shoutyourabortion #MINDORDERING #fypシ ♬ abusadamente x bum bum tam tam by altegomusic – ALTÉGO

The video’s text overlay reads: “As a former foster youth with an adoptee boyfriend I’m eternally happy I chose abortion over adoption.”

The overlay continues, “For the fetus but also to spare myself the trauma carrying a pregnancy to give the baby up. I have 0 trauma from my abortion.”

Many people agreed with Taylor in the comments.

One user commented, “They say stuff like this while there’s so many kids in foster care. If they wanted a kid so bad, they’d save a LIVING kid already.”

Another noted, “She keeps claiming to care about the mothers trauma. But she doesn’t acknowledge that relinquishment trauma is a thing.”

Relinquishment trauma refers to the trauma felt by people who give up their children, which can manifest itself in physical symptoms like headaches or insomnia, as well as psychological ones, like guilt and shame.

The children who are adopted are also impacted. Despite the misconception that they should feel “lucky” to have found a family, adoptees can experience their own trauma from being separated from their birth parents. Even though every adoption story is unique, these adoptees can feel grief and rejection and struggle with their identity. The process can also be grueling—a child can wait up to three years in foster care to be adopted.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Morgan and @emotionalsupportbigsis via email for comment on this story.

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