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Viral video shows a ‘Karen’ with Chihuahua attacking private property owner

'She went from 0 to 10,500 real quick.'

Nov 30, 2020, 3:37 pm*



Cecilia Lenzen

A video that was trending on Reddit on Monday shows a so-called “Karen” allegedly trespassing on private property and freaking out when the landowner approaches her. 

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The video, posted by redditor u/malams, starts with the woman standing by the edge of a pond with a Chihuahua and two other people. 

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“Keep walking, we come here to have a swim in peace,” the woman yells. 

Overcome by emotion, the woman continues to shout more and more shrilly as she approaches the landowner, Chihuahua in arm. 

After she approaches the property owner, the woman shrieks “fuck off” multiple times and appears to shove the person. 

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When the landowner pushes the woman away, she yells, “You want to touch me?” and angrily instructs her to “keep walking.” 

The woman continues to insist during the video that the landowner touched her first. The end of the video shows a pan of the forest floor as if the landowner is walking away. 

Reddiotr u/Paulzoh79 put it bluntly in a comment under the Reddit post, “Holy shit she went from 0 to 10,500 real quick.

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*First Published: Nov 30, 2020, 3:36 pm