Hooters employee greenscreen TikTok over Hooters interior caption 'I don't know what it is pregnant women are just so sexy to me -1/10 not the worst but certainly not comfortable' (l) Hooters employee greenscreen TikTok over hooters restaurant caption 'Rating things people at hooters have said to me pregnant!' (c) Hooters employee greenscreen TikTok over Hooters interior caption 'There's that girl that ate too many cheeseburgers! Hahaha -2/10 im vegetarian' (r)


‘I couldn’t imagine being pregnant working there’: A pregnant Hooters girl shares some of the comments she’s gotten from customers

‘All the creepy men.’


Charlotte Colombo


Misogyny has become all too common for female service workers — and for one Hooters employee, it was her pregnancy that led to bizarre comments by customers.

Posting a TikTok about her experience, user @noodledoot decided to ‘rate’ the various comments customers had said to her while she was pregnant, with customer responses ranging from sexual harassment and fat-shaming.

A few customer comments were notably over-familiar, with one asking if she and the “baby daddy” were still together, while another said, “You still haven’t told me how it happened!”

Meanwhile, other customers went straight to objectifying her, with one customer saying, “I don’t know what it is but pregnant women are just so sexy to me.” This particular comment was ranked a -1/10, with the user describing it as “not the worst but certainly not the most comfortable.”

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Another, more explicit customer comment about how ” you can only last two seconds in pregnancy p***y” was ranked -3000/10 by the user for obvious reasons. According to the user, another customer made derogatory comments about her weight, saying, “There’s the girl that ate too many cheeseburgers!”

The user also gave examples of 10/10, more appropriate comments for customers to make, such as asking her if the baby is a boy or girl.

Naturally, other TikTokers were shocked by customer responses to the pregnancy. “I couldn’t imagine being pregnant working there,” one user in the TikTok comments said. “All the creepy men.”

This isn’t the first time Hooters workers have taken to TikTok to call out their working conditions. TikTok user and Hooters waitress @kenzjee recently took to the app to call out understaffing at the eatery, while Black Hooters waitress Ayshia recently posted a TikTok about how one table asked for a blonde server over her.

The user did not immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via TikTok comment.

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