young woman in store (l) man holding up TRUST in rainbow letters with Police badge as the U (c) young woman in disbelief (r)


‘Copaganda at its finest’: Goodwill customers scoff police Pride T-shirt

‘No words were spoken, but so much was said.’


Tricia Crimmins


A TikToker found a police Pride T-shirt at a Goodwill store. When the creator showed their friend the shirt, she was appalled.

In a TikTok posted by Kristian Acruz (@kristian_zedric), Acruz’s friend Kainoa (@kainoamiller) shows friend Naya (@itspipershipsit) a shirt that says “TRUST” in rainbow letters. The “U” in “TRUST” is a police badge. Acruz and Kainoa are heard laughing as Naya looks at the shirt in disbelief.

“Like what,” Acruz captioned the video. On Tuesday, Acruz’s video had over 800,000 views on TikTok.


like what

♬ original sound – kristian acruz :)

Commenters on Acruz’s video couldn’t get enough of Naya’s reaction to the shirt.

“No words were spoken, but so much was said,” @dabdaddy69 commented.

“The lady was too stunned to speak,” @kyleluck22 wrote.

“The silence is LOUD,” @seawaffle commented.

Others hypothesized about where the shirt came from.

“I feel like a cop wore that for a Pride parade then immediately got rid of it,” @rats.on.acid wrote.

“These were worn by random people hanging around the cops (who were asked NOT TO COME) at Seattle Pride,” @gothgnome commented. The Seattle Police Department was not allowed to march in uniform at Seattle Pride this year.

“Copaganda at its finest,” @dnduncan wrote. “Copaganda” is a term used for police and/or law enforcement propaganda.

And many had ideas about how Acruz and his friend could use the shirt.

“Get it and embroider ‘I don’t’ above it,” @sometimes.i.forget commented.

“Keeping this in the car to avoid tickets,” @shikinamiasuka0 wrote.

“Best $5 fire starter I’ve ever seen,” @katiesdagold commented. “Or oil rags.”

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