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‘I am BURNT OUT beyond belief’: General manager quits Pizza Hut after 9 years due to lack of support, favoritism

‘We work our butts off for minimum pay and get treated like trash by the customers and management.’


Melody Heald


In a viral TikTok video, a general manager at Pizza Hut claims she quit her job due to burnout. She later notes the lack of support from higher-ups and favoritism toward male coworkers also played a role in her decision.

The TikToker, Elizabeth Lovar (@elizabethlovar), says she worked at Pizza Hut for over nine years. In the video, Lovar explains via text overlay how she worked her way up from delivery driver to manager. However, Lovar says she recently began to feel burnt out.

“The way things have been going lately, it’s not worth it to me,” she wrote via text overlay. “I am BURNT OUT beyond belief. While this company does treat people fairly.. I feel like I’m not getting the proper attention I need.”

After dedicating a third of her life to Pizza Hut, Lovar says she will soon be working at a new job.

@elizabethlovar Im honestly so excited! 🥰 #pizzahut #fyp #milestone #lifechange #newlife #newjob ♬ Steven Universe – L.Dre

In a follow-up video, Lavar elaborates on why she left Pizza Hut. Lovar first notes that she wasn’t paid enough and experienced a lot of stress on the job without enough support.

“My boss is constantly telling me if I need help, just ask for it,” she recalls. “But when I ask for the help, he tells me to get over it and tough it out. He told me he had endured so much worse when he was the [general manager]. But at the end of the day, do you really want your employees to suffer as much as you did?”

Lovar also notes that difficult customers and losing good employees played a role in her decision.

“They tell you everyone is replaceable, but there are some employees that you don’t want to lose,” she continues. “And when the company ends up pushing them and pushing them, you end up losing them. And now you’re struggling even more.”

While Lovar says there’s a whole host of additional reasons for leaving, she claims the final one is the favoritism toward men at the company. She says one of her male friends was promoted to assistant manager after her, but he was paid a higher wage. He then became a general manager before she did.

“Because I’m young, and I have nothing swinging between my legs, I don’t get good treatment,” Lovar concludes.

@elizabethlovar Dont mind me. Just ranting 😅 #pizzahut #fyp #thankyou #rant ♬ original sound – Elizabeth Lovar

Her initial video was viewed over 76,000 times as of Monday, and Lovar received an overwhelming wave of support.

“I don’t know you I just happened to see your video but I wish you all the best in any and every new journey you take,” one person wrote.

“YES! It’s a different kind of peace when you know your time is up somewhere. Always grateful for what you’ve learned but on to bigger and BETTER,” another one commented.

“Good for you, for taking a chance on yourself and bridling your talent for a new opportunity. You’ll do great wherever you land!” a third said.

“You’ll do great , a lot of the people my job hires come from food industry for a change & it’s always for the better,” another said.

Lovar replied with her thoughts on the food industry. “Food industry is honestly the worst,” she wrote. “We work our butts off for minimum pay and get treated like trash by the customers and management.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Lovar via TikTok comment.

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