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‘Bro was hiding it for himself’: Customer grabs Corona six-pack from the back after gas station worker claims they’re out, sparking debate

'He's probably understaffed and is unable to stock the cooler.'


Dan Latu


Posted on Aug 28, 2022   Updated on Aug 29, 2022, 10:06 am CDT

One TikToker’s quest for Corona has sparked a debate about retail workers. 

User Alec’s (@alecgappymvp) adventures to the cooler, seen by over 1 million people on the platform, have some viewers saying the employees were being lazy. Others think they are stretched too thin. 

@alecgappymvp When a store says they are all out of something, you know what to do now. You didnt learn this from me 😭😂 #coronafyp #corona #foryoupage #foryou #fyp ♬ original sound – AlecGappyMVP

In the video, Alec recounts an alleged ritual he has at a local gas station. He asks the workers for a six-pack of Corona, and they say they’re out. 

“What you see is what we got,” the gas station employee says in the clip.

However, Alec ventures to the employees-only back cooler and finds ample Corona for the taking. When he brings the purchase to the counter, the employee is a bit surprised. 

“Where’d you find this?” the worker asks in the video. 

“Just on the shelf, bro,” Alec responds before the clip ends.

Some users felt like the secret Corona stash was an example of lazy employees. 

“Bro was hiding it for himself,” one viewer said.

“As someone who worked retail for mad long it’s usually in the back I just don’t feel like looking,” another claimed.

“I’d leave and go somewhere else. I’m not giving my money to a store that’s going to lie and not bother helping me,” a third wrote.

However, others were adamant that the employees deserve more sympathy. 

“He’s probably understaffed and is unable to stock the cooler,” one TikToker argued.

“Customers always do this at Walmart but they never realize there’s different people for different areas how am I suppose to know what’s in stock,” a second added.

Update 10:04am CT August 29: In an Instagram DM to the Daily Dot, Alec said he’s been frustrated consistently with the store. He doesn’t expect every store will always have everything he’s looking for, but he at least appreciates an effort.

“Obviously they might actually be out of something, but I appreciate when employees go and actually check for you,” he wrote.

He also joked that the viral video has even changed his beer of choice.

“A lot of people shamed me for grabbing Corona over Modelo, since the video has come out,” Alec said. “I have now tried Modelo and it is now my preferred beer.”

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*First Published: Aug 28, 2022, 4:59 pm CDT