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Protect your card decks with the power of Nyan Cat

Nyan to infinity!


Colette Bennett


Whether you’re prepping your decks for a few good rounds of Magic: The Gathering or want to keep your rares organized, you may as well do it in style. 

Sure, you can go buy the big, black binders with plain, clear sheets and no one will ever complain. But why not pull out a deck box that doubles as a conversational icebreaker? Like, an Ultra PRO Nyan Cat box?


Most card gamers have used Ultra PRO, so you may be familiar with the quality already. But if you aren’t, this is a sturdy choice. It has a single divider inside in case you like to keep a few of your nastiest cards as a rude surprise for your opponent. 

In case you want to get thematic, Ultra PRO makes official Nyan Cat card sleeves in packs of 50 too. The whole set also comes in a ninja version, which is the definition of magnificence.


The box runs $6.99 and the card protector sets run from $6.99 to $8.25. If you want to get really matchy-matchy, there’s a playmat too. Live your life in full Nyan Cat mode, because there’s nothing quite like it. Buy it here.


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