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‘Who calls the police on a black person getting their nails done’: Black woman says nail tech Karen called the police after refusing to finish manicure

‘Take your money to people who are not racist.’


Tricia Crimmins


A TikToker says that a nail technician “Karen” refused to finish her manicure and called the police to force her to leave the salon.

Anita Söne (@blackblondeabroad) posted a TikTok on Monday showing the woman who she says called the police standing with an officer in a nail salon. On Tuesday, her video had almost 70,000 views.

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In a follow-up video, Söne says that she had visited the salon shown in the video before. She says the day she filmed her viral video a nail technician started on her nails, and Söne asked her to do a different design after the technician did one of her nails.

The TikToker says the manager of the salon asked her to leave and come back the next day—while her nails were partly done—because “nobody” could do the design Söne wanted.

Söne says she didn’t want to leave with her nails only partly done and asked another technician to remove the acrylics on her nails, and that’s when the police were called. The TikToker identified the salon in the video as Executive Nails & Spa Copperfield in Houston.

In another TikTok, the woman who called the police on Söne tells her that she is not racist and that she would call the police on anyone. The police officer tells the TikToker that she isn’t going to jail or facing any charges.

“The moral of the story is let’s start supporting Black owned nail artists,” Söne says.

She also posted a video of her talking with the director of operations of the nail salon, who she says called her. He asks her to take down her viral video because people who saw her video left the salon negative reviews on Google. The TikToker also says that the employee who called the police on her is named CeCe.

Some Google reviews for the salon reference Söne’s experience, while others detail seemingly fictionalized, bizarre experiences in support of the TikToker.

“Take your money to people who are not racist. I witnessed [CeCe] rudely talk to a respectful woman, and called the police for NO REASON,” Tainesha Chairs wrote in a Google review.

“Who calls the police on a black person getting their nails done,” Eva Baana wrote.

“I do NOT recommend going here to get your nails done. The lady twisted and cracked my fingers the whole time and she nearly ripped off my nail while she was filing,” Kayla wrote. “She used a rock from outside to file them and painted them with her fingers.”

The salon is listed as “permanently closed” on Google.

The Daily Dot reached out to Söne via Instagram direct message and to Executive Nails & Spa Copperfield via contact form.

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