Piggly Wiggly employee speaking with hand on full cart caption 'Mr.Beast wrong af for telling them last minute' (l) Mr.Beast speaking (c) Piggly Wiggly employee speaking with hand on full cart caption 'Mr.Beast wrong af for telling them last minute' (r)

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‘A cashier leaked he was going to be buying people’s groceries and they all just showed’: Rumors of MrBeast showing up at grocery store lead to chaos

‘He’s not coming today.’


Jack Alban


TikToker Meili (@meili.barbie) posted a now-viral clip showing crowds of folks piling into a Piggly Wiggly grocery store location because they were under the impression that popular YouTuber MrBeast would be showing up to purportedly cover all of their grocery bills.

MrBeast never showed, launching a lot of theories as to what really went down in the store that caused so many people to show up and fill carts up with tons of different food products, many of which were presumably left repurchased.

@meili.barbie I wouldnt have started filling my cart until he was there tho😳🤣 but at least sum volunteers helped the employees put all them groceries back😭 #mrbeast #grocery #pigglywiggly #greenvillenc ♬ original sound – Meili

In the clip, an employee in the grocery store wading through throngs of customers can be heard saying: “He’s not coming today,” as constant chatter permeates the air. Someone off-camera asks, “Can I pay for my beer and my sausages?” before he’s told that there’s someone at an open register who can assist him.

“If anybody needs to get groceries on the regular, please proceed through the line,” a store associate shouts. The video shows a massive number of people with fully packed shopping carts thinking that they’re going to get all of their food paid for by the extremely popular and extremely wealthy YouTuber.

MrBeast is known for his acts of steep generosity which have gone viral online. Sometimes the random acts of kindness exhibited in his videos are the subject of the content themselves, and sometimes the giveaways are part of a contest with stipulations, like when he had folks perform an endurance test of keeping their hand on a Lamborghini. The last one to take their hand off of the car got to keep it.

It’s not surprising once word broke out that Mr. Beast was possibly showing up at the grocery store, folks assumed the magnanimous e-celebrity would cover the grocery bills of everyone there. However, he never arrived at the location.

This sparked a litany of different theories in the comments section. Some folks said that the YouTuber never extended an invitation for folks to show up at the grocery store in the first place and that word of mouth spread from a cashier influenced so many to arrive. Others speculated that a MrBeast impostor said they were coming to the store as a viral prank to see what would happen. Whatever the real story is, it caused chaotic aftermath that the Piggly Wiggly employees had to deal with.

“He didn’t invite those people,” one user wrote. “A cashier leaked he was going to be buying people’s groceries and they all just showed.”

“It was never formally announced they found out, started being greedy without even seeing him… idk why ppl saying he’s in the wrong??? bffr,” another added.

Many TikTokers also expressed glee at “greedy” folks who tried taking advantage of the YouTuber’s kindness and found it hilarious that they were left high and dry with carts filled with groceries they probably wouldn’t have otherwise purchased.

“That’s what they get,” one viewer said.

“It sad how the ppl left the store once they found out Mr.beast wasnt going to pay for there selfish needs, All the meat that went to waste….,” a second claimed.

“If they was getting a reasonable amount of stuff that they needed that’s cool but they really just over did it taking advantage of then,” a third shared.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Piggly Wiggly via email and Meili via Instagram DM for further comment.

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