young man in restaurant with police car waiting outside with caption 'POV: you went to get food and u cant leave bc a cop is waiting for you to start your car so he can give u a ticket for modified exhaust'


‘Tell him to get a real job’: TikToker says he can’t leave restaurant because cop is waiting to give him a ticket, sparking debate

'Serving and protecting or just generating revenue?'


Angela Littlefield


Posted on Mar 9, 2022   Updated on Mar 14, 2022, 10:28 am CDT

A viral TikTok posted this week by creator @certifiedjuss1, generating 282,700 views and 38,300 likes, is sparking a heated debate over a California Bay Area cop allegedly waiting to issue a ticket for a modified exhaust

TikTok creator @certifiedjuss1 was enjoying some food at a local restaurant when he noticed a police car’s lights and engine running while apparently waiting for him to come out and start his vehicle. 

“POV: You went to get food and u can’t leave bc a cop is waiting for you to start your car so he can give u a ticket for a modified exhaust,” his video writes. 

This is followed by the caption, “I hate Cali cops bruh got nun else to do.”

Many viewers in the comments questioned the cop’s overall protocol and whether they were waiting to generate a revenue quota. 

“Serving and protecting or just generating revenue? We pay cops to sit around and stalk ppl for hours,” commented @justherefortheglitter. This favorable comment received 2,866 likes. 

”Tell him to get a real job man,” stated @mousey1320, grossing over 5,000 likes. 

Other viewers suggested in the comments that the creator should tip the waitress staff and let him sneak out the back door or consider an alternator shift plate to turn off the exhaust. 

With everyone encouraging escape plans, TikTok creator @certifiedjuss1 pinned in the comments: “I walked home.”

Other viewers questioned “What exactly is the issue with a modified exhaust?” asked @gisselleperezmoreno.

“Nothing. They’re just noisy. I personally don’t like them but they shouldn’t be illegal and don’t cause environmental issues,” replied @purpleraygun

According to, “All cars and other motor vehicles in California must be equipped with a muffler, and any exhaust modifications must not be designed to increase the exhaust noise above 95 dbA.”

Another viewer @sammydecarlos received 82 likes on their comment, which didn’t express much grace toward the TikTok creator and voiced their opinion on the viral video. 

“If they’re noisy then you def deserve the ticket and I’m glad you had to deal with the embarrassment of walking home,” commented @sammydecarlos.

This comment caused some pushback between viewers and immediately dubbed the viewer a “Karen.”  

Nevertheless, escaping a major fine is always a flex. The Daily Dot reached out to @certifiedjuss1 via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Mar 9, 2022, 6:03 pm CST