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Mike Bloomberg’s finger-licking video is grossing people out

The video of Bloomberg unsanitarily eating from a community box of pizza is freaking people out amid the coronavirus.


Eilish O'Sullivan


Many are going through great lengths to be health conscientious amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. One person who definitely is not, as made evident by a now-viral video, is Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg.

A video posted to Bloomberg’s Snapchat shows him digging through a community box of pizza, grabbing a slice, ripping a piece off and eating it, and then putting the rest of the slice back in the box. He proceeds to lick his fingers and touch a nearby community container of coffee.

“This may break a few NIH coronavirus prevention recommendations,” Media executive Mosheh Oinounou wrote, along with the video.

Actor James Woods also tweeted out the video, calling Bloomberg “the most clueless person in America.”

“Here’s a handy little (unintentional) demo on the way to spread #coronavirus,” Woods wrote. “Touch community food as much as you can with your saliva-soaked fingers.”

Bloomberg has been running ads regarding the coronavirus recently. In one, Bloomberg cosplayed as the president and addressed the nation “because Donald Trump has yet again failed to lead.”

He even tweeted some Centers for Disease Control (CDC) safety tips, one of which is to “avoid touching eyes, nose & mouth”–advice he has seemingly failed to follow.

The coronavirus has so far killed more than 3,100 people and infected 90,000 others globally. The first nine people to die from the virus in the U.S. are all in Washington state.

In addition to not touching your face, the CDC recommends avoiding close contact with people who are sick, staying home if you feel sick, sneezing and coughing into a tissue, and cleaning “frequently touched objects.” It does not recommend healthy people wear facemasks unless they are taking care of others who are sick. The CDC is also encouraging people to wash their hands for 20 seconds–which is the time it takes to sing Happy Birthday twice–with soap and water on a regular basis.


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