bag with chocolate milk in bottles with caption 'me when macdonals accidentally lists their chocolate milk for free on uber eats' (l) Uber ats on phone in hand outside (c) bag with chocolate milk in bottles with caption 'me when macdonals accidentally lists their chocolate milk for free on uber eats' (r)

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‘This happened to me on DoorDash’: Customer says McDonald’s accidentally listed their chocolate milk for free on Uber Eats, orders 13

'Have fun getting charged for all of it randomly.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Feb 4, 2023

Glitches in food apps seem to be more common lately, from a woman who accidentally ordered 10 slices of cheese at Chick-fil-A to one where Chick-fil-A piled a woman’s sandwich with pickles. In a viral TikTok, a man claims McDonald’s accidentally listed their chocolate milk as “free” on Uber Eats, resulting in him ordering 13.

The video was uploaded by TikTok user Mesean (@meseans) where he revealed a plastic bag full of small chocolate milk bottles.

“Me when mcdonald’s accidentally lists their chocolate milk for free on uber eats,” he wrote in the overlay text, zooming in on all the mini bottles.

@meseans #chocolatemilk ♬ iThong 69 Ringtone – Munsterus 👽

The Daily Dot reached out to Mesean via TikTok comment and Uber Eats via press email regarding the video. The video garnered over 782,000 views as of Saturday, where many viewers claimed it brought back childhood memories.

“These just taste like childhood roadtrips omg,” one viewer said.

“Those are so good, you just made me remember this I haven’t had one since I was a child,” another echoed.

“Like fr I haven’t it in years as a kid tho,” a third agreed.

Some proposed the reason why the chocolate milk might have been listed as ‘free,’ with one user speculating they were probably about to expire.

“They do that because they aren’t selling fast enough and there going to expire usually,” one user suggested.

“I swear these are always sold 2 days before they expire,” a second wrote.

“Better check expo.. my daughters is always expired in her happy meal,” a third recommended.

Others shared their experiences with ordering “free” food on delivery apps.

“One time Buffalo Wild Wings glitched and I got 200 wings for 99 cents for a party lolol,” one person shared.

“I remember this one time like at 3am I went on DoorDash and went to I hop and this breakfast thing was free with pancakes n everything,” a second commented.

“That happened to me on doordash with the kids meals lol I ordered like 5,” a third stated.

Uber Eats offers different discounts and promos on their app, some being Spend $20 and save $5, get a free food item when you spend $20, and more. However, it is unclear whether there was a glitch resulting in free food or if McDonald’s was attempting to get rid of the product.

Last year, DoorDash had this issue where people were placing orders without being charged. There were customers who were ordering items in bulk, thus, leaving customers eventually charged hundreds and others thousands of dollars.

As one user put it, “the back charge is gonna be CRAZY.”

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*First Published: Feb 4, 2023, 8:31 am CST