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‘You’ll never be allowed in this f*cking country’: Male Karen harasses Hispanic TikToker during alleged fender-bender scam

'You're from f*cking Mexico.'


Rachel Kiley


Posted on Jan 1, 2022   Updated on Jan 3, 2022, 10:46 am CST

After a Las Vegas man allegedly tried to intimidate and “scam” a Hispanic driver into giving him cash for a parking lot fender bender, the Hispanic man turned to TikTok and exposed his racist, so-called “Karen” behavior.

Under the name @omnipresents85a, he posted a series of TikTok videos last month from the altercation. They show the male Karen verbally harassing him in the parking lot. The most viral boasts more than 4 million views as of Saturday.

“You’re a fucking loser. Your son’s a fat piece of shit loser,” the male Karen says, as the other man remains silent, filming. “You both are liars. That’s what you guys are. Liars. You shouldn’t even be in this fucking country. I was born and raised here motherfucker. You’re from fucking Mexico. You’re a scam artist. That’s all you know how to do. That’s why you’ll never be allowed in this fucking country.”

No damage is visible in the video. It’s impossible to say what went down prior to the events of the video, and who was in the right, but additional footage taken at the scene paints the male Karen in a bad light regardless.

According to the driver, the male Karen left prior to the police showing showing up, despite his insistence on calling the cops in the first place. 

“After he left, I talk to the police and showed them the video and the license plate,” he wrote in one comment thread.

Other video clips show the male Karen insisting he’s rich and has $10,000 in his wallet, while also demanding the driver pay him for non-existent damage to his car.

“There’s not even any damage, dog, but you’re gonna pay for it, bro,” he says.

The driver suggested that the male Karen was trying to make him mad in order to provoke a reaction, and called the whole thing a scam.

“They are scam artists, he was ready to sue for money,” he commented on one of the videos. Other users also pointed out that the male Karen has at least one additional parking lot video on his page in which he accuses someone of reversing into his car, which they deny, and threatens to involve the police.

The male Karen doesn’t appear to have responded to the controversy that kicked up after this latest incident, but the driver has alleged that he keeps reporting his videos for harassment. Given the theatrical nature of the TikToks, it’s possible that the incident is staged. However, the TikToker did also post a statement from the male Karen’s alleged employer, a jewelry store, saying he is “no longer affiliated” with them.

The Daily Dot has reached out to the driver via TikTok comment and the male Karen via Facebook message.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated for clarity and context.

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*First Published: Jan 1, 2022, 6:04 pm CST