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‘The whole effing loaf of cheddar cheese! How do you even buy this?’: Woman says male Instacart shopper got her entire block of cheddar cheese

She previously had to cancel an order after another male shopper 'couldn’t find anything.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Dec 20, 2022

A woman says she had two bad ordeals with male Instacart shoppers in the span of two days, causing her to cancel one order prematurely and receive a whole block of cheese on the other order. 

The video features user Abby Scott (@houseofketo), better known to her over 1 million followers as House Of Keto, is a content creator who mainly posts about keto-friendly recipes. She starts her video off by saying there’s been “a lot of stories” about how Instacart’s “male shoppers can never find anything.” Earlier in December, the Daily Dot covered another TikTok of a woman who claimed a male Instacart shopper lied about the meatballs being out of stock, arguing “men do not take this job seriously.” Another customer in May expressed concern for her other grocery store items after finding out her Instacart shopper was a man who “failed to find the right cheese.”

Scott says she canceled her Instacart order from the previous night after the shopper “couldn’t find anything.” Fast-forward to the next day—the day Scott filmed her video—and Scott says she tried to place an order through Instacart again. “I ordered deli meat, OK? Perfectly keto, perfectly fine,” she says, adding that she also tried to order cheddar cheese. She digs through the grocery bag to pull out and reveal an entire block of cheese. “You know what I just pulled out?” she says. “The whole effing loaf of cheddar cheese! How do you even buy this?”

She says she was charged $66.42 for the cheese in the video but later confirmed with the Daily Dot she wasn’t charged that much. 

“What in the hell can I return this?” Abby questioned in the caption. 

@houseofketo What in the hell 😂 can I return this? #instacart ♬ My Superhero Movie  – Jacob Jeffries

Scott told the Daily Dot she has not contacted Instacart about her experiences. She says she made the video before receiving the final receipt for her order and that the cheese only ended up costing her $6.99. 

So what did she do with all that cheese? Scott said she made cheese slices and cubes out of a portion of it and “froze the rest.” She also said she bought an electric cheese shredder to shred some of it to use in her recipes.

Despite her negative experiences with Instacart, Scott said she still uses the service.

“ItI still use Instacart, it can be frustrating sometimes when things get messed up but I think it’s a risk you take when you have anyone helping you via an app,” she said.

She said she’s had more negative experiences with male shoppers than non-male ones. 

“They can never find common items that I’ve never seen a store completely out of. They are least likely to message to try to get it right or find replacements. Just say they don’t have it and check out immediately,” she said.

The video garnered over 653,000 views as of Tuesday, leaving viewers with more questions than answers.

“How did the app let him take that,” one viewer asked.

“But like an employee had to hand him that. Between the two of them they couldn’t figure out something was wrong?!?” a second questioned.

“What in the world? Did he go behind the deli counter and just grab the whole block?” a third joked.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Instacart.

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*First Published: Dec 20, 2022, 1:21 pm CST