Labyrinth worm mat


Lead your guests in the right direction with this ‘Labyrinth’ worm mat

I’ll put the kettle on.


Colette Bennett


It’s been more than 20 years since ’80s fantasy film Labyrinth hit theaters, and we’ve stumbled into some sort of fantasy flick renaissance. Everywhere the eye can see there’s new Labyrinth merch to buy, something that would have delighted my 11-year-old heart to no end had it happened when the film came out.

The latest in the collection is this Labyrinth worm mat, which features that jaunty character we all remember so well from Sarah’s first venture into the Labyrinth. He was only on screen for a few moments, but he’s since been turned into a statue, slippers, and who knows what else. The mat is made of sturdy PVC and coconut fibers and ought to keep your guests’ shoes clean. The only thing is you always have to offer them tea from now on, as you did promise it at the front door (but for those of us with extensive tea collections, that shouldn’t be much of a challenge).

The Labyrinth worm mat is $28.99 and ready to ship, so your entryway will soon be better than ever. But I wouldn’t rely on that worm for directions if I were you.

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