A woman yelling at camera.


‘According to Karen this isn’t the place for autistic children’: Karen has meltdown over children laughing, talking in restaurant

The woman also allegedly ‘demanded’ free food after her meltdown.


Rachel Kiley


A TikToker is calling out a patron at a restaurant who threw a fit over her and her friend’s children making noise.

TikTok user @bamskye2426 shared a short video of the confrontation, which she says took place at a “family oriented spot” in Long Island. 

“According to Karen this isn’t the place for autistic children,” she wrote.

The woman had clearly already been complaining about the children prior to the start of the 11-second clip and yells that “this is not the place” while other patrons stare.

When she realizes the TikToker is recording, she says “good” and reiterates her belief that the mother is “wrong” about insisting her children and their friends have every right to be there.

In the caption of the video, the TikToker implied the first posting of the video was removed from the platform. “Since the original was booted. Karen had meltdown over kids talking and laughing,” it reads.


An additional video posted to @bamskye2426’s channel showcases the behavior the woman was apparently upset with—two young children laughing and talking at their own table.


“The kids didn’t have a tantrum. They didn’t get up from their table. They didn’t go to anybody else’s tables to bother them. They didn’t do any of the poor behaviors that this grown woman exhibited,” the mom says in another video explaining the situation.

She also alleged the woman followed up her noisy complaint by demanding free food and walking out of the restaurant without paying her bill, causing some viewers to speculate that the woman’s “meltdown” was a stunt to get a free meal.

“This is [an] EXTORTIONIST at work,” wrote @audiogeek58. “If you do not like kids, stay home or go to adult only restaurants.”

Many others also took @bamskye2426’s side, noting that dealing with noise is part of being out in public and that the woman lost all potential credibility when she appeared to take issue with autistic children, specifically.

“Kids are humans and can be in a restaurant. If you want a quiet dinner, home is good,” wrote @adf0331.

“You know where autistic children belong?” @beckyl1113 asked. “EVERYWHERE! My autistic daughter belongs anywhere and everywhere and if she isn’t welcome, I won’t spend money there.”

Another viewer admitted, “I get really bad anxiety when kids are loud near me in a restaurant. BUT ya know what? I know it’s my issue and not the kids or anyone else’s.”

@bamskye2426 says in another follow up that after everything went down, the owner reassured the group that the children had done nothing wrong and were welcome at his restaurant.

“We need to embrace moms and embrace children and realize it’s just part of life,” she said

The Daily Dot has reached out to @bamskye2426 via TikTok message.

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