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‘How do you think I’m allowed on base?’: Instacart worker is tired of delivering orders to military bases

‘This is just cruel.’


Jack Alban


When you work for a delivery service, there are definitely some workplace scenarios that are more favorable than others,

Working for food delivery applications like DoorDash, GrubHub, and Instacart can present challenges. But there’s one specific challenge that a lot of folks probably haven’t considered when it comes to delivery driving: delivering to military bases.

@mermaidashlynn6 I just wish Instacart would tell me if the batch is on base so I could avoid this issue. #instacart #instacartshopper #FindYourEdge ♬ original sound – ashlynn

Ashlynn (@mermaidashlynn6) posted a clip sharing her frustrations in delivering for Instacart to military bases, firmly telling customers who think that they’re going to get any food delivered to said base without at least meeting the Instacart driver at the front gate that they are essentially wasting their time.

She says in the now-viral video: “Just some advice for you guys if you live on a military base, do not order through Instacart. Because how do you expect me to deliver it to you. Especially when you won’t even meet me at the guest entrance. How do you think I’m allowed on base? I’m not. Okay, you’re wasting both of our times.”

Commenters expressed their disbelief that those living on a military base wouldn’t, at the very least, consider this possibility before placing their Instacart order.

“The thought process they went through,” one commenter wrote.

“And they always tip $0 like nah go commissary and shop please leave us alone,” another quipped.

Of course, there were those who had plenty of jokes about the situation, too.

One commenter joked, “Probably a recruiter tricking you into enlisting to get on base.”

Another suggested, “Just enlist!”

Some commenters mentioned that with DoorDash, delivery drivers can get temporary access to enter the base.“I used to do DoorDash and you can get temporary access,” said one user.

Others said that the apps are supposed to only give access delivery gigs to folks on military bases if they have a special certification or “pass” to deliver to bases.

“delivery apps are supposed to only give those orders to ppl with base access on their profiles. obvs they don’t, but yeah…”

“Does that base not allow you to apply for a pass?? The process is usually like 10mins,” someone asked.

Ashlynn responded to the commenter stating that in most scenarios she’s forced to wait in the guest parking area, taking up more valuable time that she could have otherwise used to make more deliveries.

The Daily Dot has reached out to both Ashlynn and Instacart for comment on this story.

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