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‘I paid for inconvenience’: Instacart customer says she received order from Kroger instead of Costco

'Instacart don't care.'


Rachel Kiley


Posted on Jan 17, 2023

Yet another TikToker has taken to the platform to share their frustrations with Instacart after having issues with her order.

Raquel Martin (@raquelmartinphd) proclaimed that the grocery delivery service “will never get another dollar” from her before explaining to viewers the saga that brought her to this point.

“I ordered groceries on Sunday from Costco, and you know that is big wallet energy. Big wallet energy, okay?” she recounts in the clip. “Ordered my delivery. My delivery was late. I get my order, and it was the wrong motherfreaking delivery. Instead of getting my big wallet energy order from Costco, I got a little wallet energy from Kroger.”

After calling customer service, Martin was told to keep the items that were delivered, but that she would have to wait until the next day for them to replace her actual order, as her shopper was already out of her area.

The Costco order included items she needed for her young children, including diapers, so she stressed that she really needed the delivery to take place by the next morning, which they assured her would happen.

“1pm comes, my order shows up,” she continued. “And my order is wrong again. One item is missing and another item is not in the right brand. So once again, I’m screwed.”

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Martin says she called customer service again, but this time was told all they could do was provide her with a refund—but she would have to call back in four hours to receive that.

“So I don’t have the items I ordered that I ordered two days ago, I tipped somebody…$25 for not giving me my order, and now I gotta go to the store. So I paid for inconvenience,” she concludes.

In conversation with the Daily Dot, Martin confirmed that there had been no resolution to the situation because she hasn’t had the time to call back herself.

“Someone reached out on TikTok but no one had the time to reach out to me personally,” she added. “Being left high and dry without the items I needed on a Sunday night with two kids and basically being told to figure it out is a joke.“

“I consider myself very privileged that I have the time to repeatedly call,” she added. “Not to mention the fact that I paid for items that I never got so I had to purchase them again and wait for a refund, if I ever reach someone to get it. Others are not so lucky to have flexibility in their income like this.”

Viewers were empathetic with her situation, as many had faced similarly frustrating experiences with Instacart.

“I just cancelled them today,” wrote one user. “My groceries have been stolen, the shoppers ignore the chat. Instacart don’t care.”

“They once wanted to charge me a fee to reschedule a delivery, because the shopper dropped my food on the steps of my apt building ruining everything,” another added.

Several commenters said that they work at grocery stores and frequently see orders “messed up” or watch shoppers treating the items in ways that have convinced them to never use Instacart for themselves.

“I was contemplating using instacart,” a further TikToker commented. “I don’t need this kinda stress so it’s a no for me now. I’ll just go to the store.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Instacart via email.

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*First Published: Jan 17, 2023, 12:50 pm CST