Influencer’s time-lapse video shows how little her husband helped with a home project


An interior design influencer who goes by Emily has gone viral with a time-lapse video showing her husband doing the absolute minimum to help a bedroom redesign project. Women on Twitter find the video extremely relatable. 

Emily, whose Twitter handle is @houseandhens, shared the two-minute video on Wednesday. It’s since garnered hundreds of comments and more than 5.6 million views.

The video shows the two of them (but mostly Emily) moving their bed, changing the wallpaper (which people had a LOT of opinions on), paint a bedside table, and arrange the room. Her husband, Blake, occasionally helped hold wallpaper up. But most of the time, he was just chilling on his phone or staring out the window. 

“The moral of the video is that women are more hardworking than men,” one Twitter user commented.

“Let me just say I edited out us screaming at each other 900 times,” Emily wrote in response to one tweet. 

People were especially bothered that Blake spent so much time on his phone.

Screenshots show Emily's husband on the phone @houseandhens / Twitter

Some bros were offended at the criticism—and related to the man’s method of “help” in the video.

Some people thought him just chilling around was actually cute.

Emily, however, doesn’t seem perturbed by her husband’s lack of help. She didn’t respond much to the jokes but did say she “enjoyed the company.” And she’s unapologetic about her new decor:


Samira Sadeque

Samira Sadeque

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