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‘And employees can’t eat chicken???’: IHOP worker calls out manager who sent him on his break 8 minutes after his shift started

He says the manager also wouldn't allow him to order chicken with an employee discount, as it was "too expensive."


Rebekah Harding


Posted on Aug 8, 2022

An IHOP worker calls out his manager in a now-viral TikTok, claiming that the supervisor did not honor a sign outlining the employee discount policy and immediately sent him on his break when he showed up to work.

“I want to scream,” user @unimpreessed says in the clip shared Wednesday, after sharing that his manager allegedly sent him on his break started just eight minutes after he clocked in at 8am. “Now I have to stay here until 4 p.m. with no fucking break.”

He continues that he asked the same manager to put in his “employee meal,” which allows workers to “get anything off of the kids’ menu for free” or get half-off other menu items, the TikToker alleges. However, he says his manager refused to allow employees to order chicken menu items because they were “too expensive,” refusing to honor a sign on the wall that the worker claims listed the exact employee discount policy.

“I asked for something fucking else, and she was like, ‘You have to pay full price,'” he concludes.


♬ original sound – unimpreessed

The video has reached over 222,000 views as of Monday, with commenters putting his manager on blast for sending him on an early break.

“Nah sending you on break as soon as you get there??? Dat gotta be illegal!” one user wrote.

“Breaks should be within 4 or 3 hours into your shift,” another said.

“I would’ve laughed because it’s no way I’m not getting another break at some point unless I get the whole day paid,” a third added.

In two additional, the TikToker adds that another manager told him he can’t wear crocs to work that day—even though he says they were previously approved during orientation. This sparked even more confusion about the workplace’s policies among viewers.

“I’ve been wearing my fucking crocs. Mind you, I came to orientation with these shits on,” he says in the video. “The bitch was like, ‘On your first day come dressed just like this.”


♬ original sound – unimpreessed

♬ original sound – unimpreessed

In the comments, users encouraged him to reach out to corporate to clarify the shoe and employee discount policy, many believing that his manager has “something against” him.

“Email the ceo and ask if it’s okay to wear crocs and forward her to email,” one suggested.

“Jobs will hire you just to nitpick and ion like that at all,” another said.

The Daily Dot reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and to IHOP via email.

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*First Published: Aug 8, 2022, 3:28 pm CDT