Hot male teacher with coffee cup chalkboard behind (l) Woman greenscreen video over DM's with history teacher caption 'hi makayla hope life has been treating you well after graduation. just curious to see if you're 21 yet and interested in grabbing a few drinks with a former hot history teacher hope to hear back from you.' (r)

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‘It’s literally ALWAYS the history teacher’: ‘Hot’ history teacher asks a former student if she’s 21 yet in romantic DM, sparking debate

'If you ran into each other that'd be one thing, but he's clearly been thinking about this for a while.'


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Posted on Apr 14, 2022   Updated on Apr 18, 2022, 9:14 am CDT

A woman shared that her former history teacher reached out to ask her out for drinks, and TikTok has concerns. 


not my 9th grade fantasy coming true

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Makayla (@makaylam.ller) posted the video on March 13 with the caption, “not my 9th grade fantasy coming true.” In the video, the screen shows what appears to be a Twitter direct message from her former history teacher. The message reads, “hi makayla, hope life has been treating you well after graduation. just curious to see if you’re 21 yet and interested in grabbing a few drinks with a former hot history teacher? hope to hear back from you.”

The TikTok, which has garnered over 2.1 million views and 400,000 likes, has sparked considerable debate in the comments section.

While some users were supportive and encouraged her to go out with her former teachers, others raised concerns. 

One comment with over 5,000 likes reads, “Girl, please don’t do it. You were his student and a child when he knew you, this is major red flags.”

“Girl, NO. I was a teacher and the thought of dating a former student is sickening.” Another popular comment says, “As a teacher, this makes my skin crawl.”

In a follow-up video, Makayla shares the backstory of how she and the “hot teacher” know each other. 

“So basically, he was my student teacher back when I was in high school for like a really short period of time, and the first day that he was there, I honestly thought he was a new student, like he was not giving teacher vibes at all.”

She continued, “I didn’t really start talking to him until the last day that he was there and I asked him if he had a Twitter account, because all the teachers at my school used Twitter to like, update the students and shit. So I asked him if he had a Twitter, and he’s like ‘no, but I can make one’ and I was like alright, bet. He made a Twitter account and followed me and whole bunch of the other students there.”

“He was never like weird to me or gave me weird vibes or anything like that, I just didn’t really look at him as a teacher because he never taught or give me that vibe.”

In her most recent video, Makayla shared an update: “I feel like I need to address the situation. I am 20, he’s 27, I did confirm that. I did reply to him, we exchanged numbers and we’ve been texting, but it’s so fucking boring. Like I was gonna post a screenshot, but it’s like boring as fuck. It really is.”

“I don’t plan on having any sort of relationship with this man, I just couldn’t. I could never have any sort of relationship with a former teacher like that. He is hot as fuck though, and I did look him up on Facebook, like stalk him on Facebook, just to make sure he wasn’t in a whole ass marriage and had kids, and I didn’t find anything. So hopefully, the next update will be me at dinner with him.”

Commenters on the update video continued to warn Makayla about the potential dangers of engaging with him. 

“POV: you’re a 24+ woman screaming + rolling their eyes at the screen saying don’t go bc men nearing 30 go for young girls bc they’re easy to manipulate.”

Another agrees, “I honestly wouldn’t meet with him. It’s a red flag he counted down the days until you were legal… I’m 29 and would never go near anyone under the age of 25.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Makayla for comment on this story but was not met with an immediate response.

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*First Published: Apr 14, 2022, 1:33 pm CDT