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‘Find the HOA president’s home. Touch their car and file a complaint’: Man says he received HOA complaint after child touched his hot Tesla, sparking debate

‘Car is parked in my private driveway.’


Braden Bjella


Homeowner Associations (HOA) get a pretty bad rap. While its stated goal is to protect the interests of the neighborhood, it can instead micromanage and send a flurry of complaints to homeowners over minor infractions.

One such minor infraction recently went viral on TikTok after being posted by user Christian (@dvdude8). 

In the video, which now has over 416,000 views, Christian says he was issued a complaint by his HOA after a neighbor’s child allegedly burned their hand after touching his Tesla, which had been parked in the sun.

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“Apparently somebody burnt their hand on my property,” Christian says in the video. “Apparently it’s my responsibility, because a child burnt their hand on the side of my car, as it’s parked outside in the sun all day.”

“The fuck is wrong with people?” he asks. “What am I supposed to do, like, have a warning on the side of my car saying, ‘Might be fucking hot as it’s parked outside the Florida sun all day’?”

“Car is parked in my private driveway. Person complained that their child burned their hand on the side of the car. Control your fucking kids!” he adds in the video’s caption.

In comments, users supported Christian while offering their own ideas for how he should respond.

“Simple solution. Find the HOA president’s home. Touch their car and file a complaint,” wrote one user.

“Turn this around and call cps to report that a parent failed to properly supervise their child outside and as a result was injured when trespassing,” a second suggested.

“Counter complaint, child scratched your paint, will need hoa to pay for the paint correction,” a third shared.

Others offered their opinions about what events like this say about greater American society.

“People are getting too ridiculous with the blame game,” claimed a user. “Watch your damn kids and take responsibility.”

“some parents think their kids can do no wrong and any consequences their child suffers must be someone else’s fault. like what,” agreed another in response.

Finally, some took this as yet another warning to not get involved with an HOA when it’s optional.

One user wrote, “Here is a perfect example of why to never buy in a HOA. You get what you get.”

Christian later revealed in a follow-up video that the complaint was dropped.

“Thank God,” he says in the video. “I mean, ridiculous, if you think about it.”

@dvdude8 Its hot, i am tired, and its bright out. #hoassuck #hoa ♬ original sound – Christian

The Daily Dot reached out to Christian via TikTok comment.

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