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Woman tells Hinge match she can make homemade pasta. He puts making homemade pasta in his online dating profile

'Clearly I love those red flags.'


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Posted on Mar 30, 2022   Updated on Apr 13, 2022, 9:17 am CDT

A woman on TikTok says she told her Hinge match that she can make homemade pasta. Then, the match added that he wants to try making homemade pasta to his dating profile—to pick up other girls.

The TikToker, known as Haleigh (@h_dibs), said in a now-viral video that her dating life is “truly a joke” after the incident. Still, it’s “pretty funny,” she said.

In the video, Haleigh shared a screenshot of her text messages with the Hinge match, saying that their potential relationship was going great and they texted a lot.

One day, she mentioned to the man that she knows how to make homemade pasta. In response, the man told Haleigh that he’s been wanting to learn how to make homemade pasta himself.

Eventually, the pair’s conversation fell off, which Haleigh said was fine because the man didn’t even live in her city yet. She said the man told her he was planning to move to her city in the next month but had updated his dating profile location to start meeting new people before moving.

“That should have been a red flag to me right then and there, but clearly I love those red flags,” Haleigh said in the video.

After she stopped talking with the Hinge match, she checked his dating profile “out of curiosity” and realized that he updated it.

Now, his profile includes, “Something that I want to try with you is make homemade pasta.”

“That cute quirky talent of mine, making homemade pasta? Well, he’s now using that line to pick up other girls on Hinge,” Haleigh said in the video. “Hope you’re making pasta with a cute girl, Ryan.”

“Dating is so chaotic I swear,” the TikToker wrote in the video’s caption.

As of Wednesday, the video received about 53,000 views, but some viewers didn’t seem to understand Haleigh’s issue with the man.

“I’m confused.. he told you he wants to try and make pasta, and then wrote on his profile he wants to try and make pasta, I don’t see anything wrong?” one viewer commented on the video.

“This doesn’t even make sense? Do you want attention. He realized he wants to do that after talking with you, but not necessarily with you,” another viewer commented.

Someone else wrote, “not even that bad, get over yourself.”

Some viewers questioned why Haleigh said it was a red flag that the man updated his location before moving.

“I don’t see how changing his location was a red flag,” one TikToker said.

“Wait girl why do you consider him changing his location a red flag? No hate, I genuinely want to know lol. I’ve seen guys do that on dating apps,” another TikToker wrote.

In response to the questions, Haleigh wrote, “I should have elaborated more! He was very insisting he wanted something serious & good for him! My brother-in-law actually was the one who said this was a red flag. A young single guy claiming he wanted to be serious/meet me before actually moving to a big city & meeting all the women here.”

Some viewers were more sympathetic to Haleigh and shared their own similar experiences with people they dated or matched with on dating apps.

“Omg this reminds me of the one time I said a funny joke to this one guy and then he put it in his tinder bio,” one viewer said.

Another viewer commented, “Once I went out with a guy and took a picture of him (it was like a second date) and then he ghosted me and used that same picture, on his profile.”

“Lol When I moved out with MY dog.. my ex posted pictures with my dog on dating apps with the caption ‘dog father,'” one TikToker wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Mar 30, 2022, 5:36 pm CDT