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‘This is literally how women die’: Model catches alleged stalker lurking outside her window

She says the police haven’t done anything to help her.


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A viral—and terrifying—set of TikTok videos details a wild account of an alleged stalker lurking outside a model’s window.

User @gustejanus, a U.S.-based Lithuanian model named Gustė Janušauskaitė, shared the horrors of being stalked in a multi-part series. In the initial video, her mother spotted a man Janušauskaitė says is stalking her on their Ring camera.

The police were called to the home that morning, as shown at the start of the video; however, the clip cuts to footage of a man walking around her home, standing “directly outside” her window, and “watching” Janušauskaitė for “idk for how long.”


still can’t believe this happened to me, the ptsd is real-stay safe out there ladies🥲 #storytime #stalkertok #mystalkerstory #creepy #fyp #scarytok

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Janušauskaitė then wrote, “police did nothing, so we moved the camera closet to my room and caught him coming back.” The video shows the alleged stalker peering through the window, appearing to be casing the house’s interior as well as the roof.


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In “part 2,” she said she and her mother live in a gated community and implied the man has likely been stalking her for an extended period. Fortunately, they had just put in the Ring system that same day.

“He knew my schedule and when I got home,” she said.

In “part 3,” she joked that he could’ve taken her “skinny little ass” out of her window, as she admitted to “fat ass bong rips” out that same window every night. She also said they set up a homemade booby trap that included tying a rope around two nearby trees. 


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The following Sunday, she said she got home at 2am, heard the booby trap, and checked her Ring app to discovers the alleged stalker just beyond the window, looking at her.

“I’m watching him watching me,” Janušauskaitė said, standing next to her window. “I’ve never run so fast in my life to my mom’s room.”

In “part 5,” Janušauskaitė said the man looked for the camera but didn’t locate it. But at the end of the video, she showed how “calmly he’s walking away like he’s done this for months.”

Janušauskaitė alleged that neither the neighborhood association nor the police have been helpful: “This is literally how women die, because nobody listens to us, and we are constantly in danger.”


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In “part 6,” she said they haven’t discovered anything on the cameras ever since that evening and said they had moved three stories up as a precautionary measure.


Reply to @finallychangedmyusername possibly identified him??? Not sure.. #mystalkerstory #stalkertok #update #storytime #creepy #scary #fyp

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In “part 7,” she said they believe they uncovered the identity of the alleged stalker, who they found had been allegedly stalking another woman for three years. 

A day ago, on June 23, Janušauskaitė posted a video, joyous over the fact that her alleged stalker can no longer lurk on her. In an interview with Bored Panda, she recommended taking “precautions” and not depending strictly on police as they “don’t stop or prevent crime” because “the police arrive once the crime has already happened.”

“Just know you’re not alone, and there are precautions you can take to make yourself feel safer,” she told the outlet. “This includes carrying some sort of self-defense weapon, or taking self-defense classes, as well as having cameras monitoring the outside of your home.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Gustė Janušauskaitė.

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