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‘If you have insecure girlfriends, don’t bring them places like my job’: Server says customer’s girlfriend tried to take away her $100 tip

‘Don’t bring them places like Twin Peaks or Hooters.’


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A restaurant server on TikTok says a customer’s “insecure girlfriend” tried to take away her tip after he tipped her $100.

The server, Amani (@laidbyamani) on TikTok, says she gave excellent customer service to the man and his girlfriend. The couple allegedly stayed at the restaurant being served by Amani for at least three to four hours.

In the video, Amani says it wasn’t a problem that the couple stayed so long because they were spending money throughout the duration.

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However, the man’s girlfriend allegedly gave Amani a “nasty attitude” from the beginning. The TikToker says she’s used to girls being “jealous” and “insecure,” but she admits she doesn’t understand why. In this situation, she says she ignored the girlfriend’s hostile attitude.

At the end of the night, the couple’s bill was about $700, Amani says. The man, she says, paid the bill with a credit card and tipped the server $100. Amani says she asked if he wanted a receipt, and he said no but that his girlfriend cut in and said they did want it.

About 10 minutes after getting the receipt, the man’s girlfriend called Amani back to the table, she says. The girlfriend allegedly told her that the man didn’t know that gratuity was included automatically with payment and demanded the $100 tip back.

Amani says she explained to the couple that once a customer tips and signs the receipt, there’s no going back to get tips back. The only thing Amani as a server could do was get a manager, so the girlfriend allegedly told her to.

When the manager arrived, Amani says he asked the couple if they were sure they want to remove the tip for the server who had been serving them all night. Amani says the man said “yeah,” going along with whatever his girlfriend said.

In the video, Amani claims that the man lied and said that he didn’t know gratuity was included. She says he told her when they arrived at the restaurant that he had been there before, so, she says, he must have known. She adds the man added the $100 tip because he wanted to but then he tried to take it back to make his girlfriend feel better.

“Men, if you have insecure girlfriends, don’t bring them places like my job,” Amani says in the video. “Don’t bring them places like Twin Peaks or Hooters. Bring they ass to Denny’s. Bring they ass to Chili’s.”

Despite the TikToker’s recommendation, some viewers said you can’t take insecure significant others to Applebee’s or Chili’s, either.

“Whew! They be insecure in Applebees too lol just cook at home dammit!” one viewer commented on the video.

“DONT BRING THEM ANYWHEREEEE LEAVE THEM HOME I BEG,” another viewer commented in all caps.

Other alleged restaurant servers resonated with Amani’s experience.

“I completely understand. when I was a server, I just started paying more attention to the girl than the guy cause it was annoyinggg dealing w it,” one TikTok user said.

“When they girl be quick to grab the receipt soon as I put it down, I already know the vibes,” a second user said.

A third user wrote, “Y I stopped waitressing smh.”

A fourth user commented, “It’s always the girlfriends!!!! I literally had a girl take money out of her man hands that he was about to give me & give me less money.”

Some viewers said they actually encourage their boyfriends to leave good tips.

“I make my man tip cuz it’s hard out here man !!” one viewer said.

“No because I be begging my bf to leave a tip,” another viewer said.

The Daily Dot reached out to user @laidbyamani via TikTok comment.

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