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‘I left the house thinking that I was going to come back’: TikToker says landlord kicked her out after she already paid rent

The money was returned, but she says she was evicted without notice.


Brooke Sjoberg


Posted on Dec 18, 2021   Updated on Dec 21, 2021, 10:08 am CST

A video showing a woman and her child moving out of their rented rooms has garnered 453,000 views on TikTok. The poster, @emeraldemotion, said she had been renting a room from a family friend, who asked her to pack up her things and leave after she already paid rent.

“The person we rent from gave it back and told us to pack up and leave instead,” a text overlay on the video reads.


better days ahead. I never really share personal things like this online … just trying to cope. #holidayvibes #christmas #tryingmybest

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In her comment section, @emeraldemotion wrote that she had been living with a family friend who asked her to leave with no notice. She says there was no written contract.

In a series of four videos explaining the situation, @emeraldemotion shares that she had previously lived with this person and they remained friends after the TikToker moved away. When @emeraldemotion was looking to move back to the state she had previously lived in with this friend, she was welcomed into the home of her friend, who now lived with her mother and sister. However, when she moved in, she says there was friction with her friend’s mother.

“The lady was much sicker than I originally thought, the older lady,” @emeraldemotion said. “She must have been a really mean person when she was young, because when she got older she just became one of those evil, mean people, and the baby would be like, ‘mommy, I have to go to potty,’ and she would scream that my baby should be quiet. My daughter’s very quiet, and the lady was just kind of doing too much.”

@emeraldemotion said her friend’s mother would accuse her of stealing food and clothes. As this carried on and she became uncomfortable bringing her daughter around her friend’s mother, she eventually tried to find another place to live. When she gave her friend notice that she was looking for new housing, her friend allegedly told her that her mother would be undergoing an evaluation soon to determine whether she was a danger to herself and would likely be removed from the home.

After a few days, @emeraldemotion checked in with her friend to see if her mother had been evaluated or taken away. Her friend’s mother remained in the home, so she asked her friend why things had not gone as they discussed. In response, her friend apparently paid back the rent @emeraldemotion had just sent, and told her that she and her daughter were welcome to come and get their things from the home at any time.

“What really just stressed me out was having to get the arrangements last minute for the U-Haul and the storage unit,” @emeraldemotion said in a follow-up video. “I left the house thinking that I was going to come back, and everything was going to be good. When I came back, I was coming back with boxes and containers to pack.”

In her comment section, she let concerned viewers know that she was going to stay with her mother through the holidays, and try to get an apartment with her brother in the near future.

While many commenters supplied possible solutions, from forcing her friend to go through the formal eviction process to proving residence at the home and getting police involved, some commenters shared their similar experiences.

One such commenter said her father’s friend had made her leave after his dog had bitten her child and she asked for its vaccination records.

“It was my dad’s friend right after their dog tried to attack my toddler and I got bitten on the leg,” they wrote. “I asked for the vax of the dog and he called my dad saying he needed me out and that his son was moving in and I was ungrateful (because) I tried to sue him.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @emeraldemotion via her Instagram account regarding the videos.

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*First Published: Dec 18, 2021, 2:09 pm CST