fedex driver sanitizes box child autoimmune disease

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Video shows FedEx driver sanitizing package after finding out child has autoimmune disease

After a sign notified him that an 11-year-old girl with an autoimmune disease lived at the house, Justin Bradshaw can be seen going to get a wipe to disinfectant the package.


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A FedEx worker in Florida is being celebrated after taking the time to carefully sanitize a package destined for a home where a child with an autoimmune condition lives.

During a routine delivery, the driver, Justin Bradshaw, saw a sign posted on the family’s house that warned someone in the house had an autoimmune disorder.

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The sign was posted by mom Carrie Blasi, who later explained that her daughter Emma has type 1 diabetes, which makes her more susceptible to the ravishes of the novel coronavirus.

A camera set up on the family’s front porch caught the moment when Bradshaw decided to disinfect the package with wipes before completing the delivery.

“I sanitized you(r) box once I’ve seen the note on your door,” he wrote on the package before leaving it at the door. “Stay safe.”

The package reportedly contained necessary medical supplies for Emma, and her family couldn’t help but feel moved by the driver’s kind gesture.

“We have a sign on our door for packages/mail as our 11 year old daughter is a Type 1 Diabetic Our Federal Express delivery guy wrote this on our box ‘I sanitized your box once I’ve seen the note on your door’ – and you can tell that he used sanitizer wipes on the box. Amazing!!” Blasi tweeted, along with photos of the sign on her home and the package.

Twitter users chimed in to appreciate the driver’s simple act of kindness and applaud the mom for taking extra precautions to protect her daughter.

“This is precious! Not only was this an amazing act by this gentleman, but I, too, have an autoimmune disorder and this made me aware of putting a sign on the door. Thank you!” user @mosier_deb wrote.

The tweet even caught the eye of a local CBS news affiliate who set up an online interview with the family and the driver. Bradshaw appeared along with his wife and daughter Nova, who was born prematurely at only 28 weeks, weighing 1 pound, 11 ounces. He explained that going through that ordeal with his daughter compelled him to action.

“When I saw the sign, the first thing I thought of was Nova because she was a micro-premie, and she’s very high risk,” he said.

For mom Blasi, the act of kindness reminded her that there is still a light in the world, even as the collective struggle to contain the coronavirus endures.

“That single act made me forget about everything we have been going through since the first of March,” Blasi said.



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