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‘Arby’s count your f*cking days’: TikToker says false lashes were stuck to her Arby’s fries, sparking controversy

‘I really want to throw up.’


Grace Stanley


In a viral video posted earlier in the month, a TikToker claimed she found false eyelashes glued to her order of Arby’s fries, sparking controversy in the video’s comments section.

The viral TikTok, which has over 244,000 views, was posted by user Tiana (@ciera__lee)—a TikToker with over 28,600 followers who makes lifestyle and beauty videos. In the viral video, the TikToker films herself in her car after going to the fast-food chain restaurant Arby’s, which she says was near the location of a hair appointment she just went to. 

In the video, she pulls out her order of fries from the drive-thru—which has multiple pairs of thick false eyelashes glued to the side. 

“Arby’s count your fucking days,” the TikToker says in the video. “I eat my whole sandwich, I take my fries out the bag y’all, I pull my fries out the bag. Somebody’s fucking lashes are stuck to the side of my fucking fries.” 

The TikToker then says the lashes aren’t like the ones she wears, so she knows they aren’t hers. 

“Bitch, they’re not mine,” the TikToker continues in the video. “I want to fight. I want to fight because y’all didn’t have to do me how y’all did me. And I really want to throw up like, I ate my whole fucking sandwich out this bag….Run the fucking refund…I’m finna go back up there, so stay tuned.” 


@Arbys count your fucking daysssss🤢

♬ original sound – Tiana

Many users in the comments section of the viral video were disgusted by the TikToker’s story. 

“I WOULD BE SOBBING,” one user commented. 

“Hell nah,” another replied.

Many users joked around about the incident, with some users poking fun at the TikToker for going to Arby’s in the first place. 

“You lost me when you said you went to Arbys,” one user joked. 

“Why you even eating there to begin with,” another asked. 

“It was close [face palm emoji],” the TikToker replied. 

Others jokingly came to the TikToker’s defense. 

“Listen i was a hater of arbys but them chix sandwiches go hard ngl,” one person argued. 

“For all y’all saying why she eating there in the 1st place..umm Arbys Slaps! Super underrated..well not that location [crying laughing emoji],” another commented. 

In a follow-up video, the TikToker says she went back to the restaurant and asked to speak with the manager of the Arby’s location. She says the manager denied the lashes came from their employees. 

“Why is she trying to explain to me that everybody either got their lashes on or didn’t wear lashes that day? I say ma’am, I don’t care, because literally there are lashes on my fries,” the TikToker describes in the video. “So how did they end up on my fries? ‘Cause they came straight out the bag, the didn’t pass go, they didn’t collect $200.”

However, despite the manager denying any wrongdoing, the TikToker says she eventually called the Arby’s corporate office and received a refund. 

“Anyway, that whole situation ended up with me getting a refund,” the TikToker says in the video. “I def was compensated for that, because Arby’s, you fucking played.” 

The Daily Dot reached out to the Arby’s press team via email, and to TikToker Tiana (@ciera__lee) via Instagram message but did not hear back in time for the publication of this article.

Update 1:51pm CT July 9: Tiana told the Daily Dot via Instagram message that the response she received from the manager at the Arby’s location was the most upsetting part of her experience.

“Honestly, the whole situation was unsettling, however what was more upsetting was the manager’s response,” Tiana said. “The fact is that there were used eyelashes inside of my bag stuck to the fries, and she was trying to argue that they weren’t was what got me. She ended up refunding me for the fries only but, honestly, the whole situation was handled unprofessionally.”

The TikToker also added that the manager was reported as a result, however, she doesn’t plan to return to Arby’s anytime soon.

“Corporate was called, and she was reported. I have no further information at this time,” Tiana added. “The man I spoke to about the situation was very nice and apologetic about the situation, but the only compensation was 2 free meals which I definitely will not be using.”

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