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Emoji-scopes: Your November horoscope is here!

It’s time to clear out the cobwebs.


Nayomi Reghay


Please note: These horoscopes, like emoji, are meant to add fun and color to your month. Take what feels good to you, and leave what doesn’t.

Welcome to your November 2019 horoscope! Scorpio season is here, and it’s bringing plenty of mystery, depth, and intrigue. Are you having a darker outlook? For many of us, as the days get shorter, it can be harder to channel your inner optimist. If you feel like you’re imagining worst-case scenarios, or if you can’t stop turning old conflicts over in your mind, know that you’re not alone. With Mercury stationed retrograde in Scorpio from Nov. 1 to Nov. 20, this month is actually a perfect time to review and reflect, no matter how uncomfortable that process may be. Don’t fret: If we clear out the cobwebs, we’ll have plenty of fresh space to welcome in all that’s good and new.

Scorpio likes to dig deep, and that can make for fascinating discoveries that help us to know ourselves better. It can also lead to feelings of isolation or emotional burnout. This month, we must remember that the things we’re unearthing are coming up so they can be released. Don’t cling to the past. Honor it and set it free. If we can pair Scorpio’s tremendous emotional courage with a willingness to let go of whatever pain we’re processing, we can undergo incredible transformations right now. 

Other Notable Transits:

Mercury is stationed retrograde for most of the month, but other planets are aligning to bring us extra boosts that will get us through it. On Nov. 1, Venus enters Sagittarius. Venus rules beauty, love, and abundance, and Sagittarius is about as lucky and go-for-gold as you can get. Expect plenty of opportunities to laugh, connect, play, and love. And keep a lookout for financial opportunities, too! It’s probably better not to enter any big commitments right now, but enjoy exploring your options and seeing what fits. 

On Nov. 12, the full moon in Taurus reminds us to delight in earthly pleasures. Self-massage, a decadent meal, or even a luxurious nap are all well worth the indulgence. This moon reminds us that when we work hard, we must take time to enjoy the rewards. Rest, enjoy, repeat.

Scorpio 🌟🎤💆💭🧗

This is your time to shine, Scorpio! You love your me-time, but Mercury in your sign is forming a gorgeous trine to Neptune in Pisces. If you grab the mic and share your experiences, you’ll have tremendous potential to heal yourself and others. It’s also a good time to have valuable conversations about your dreams. Is there something that held you back from achieving them in the past? Talk about it! The more you discuss it, the more you may realize those old ideas about your limitations were just ideas after all. When Mercury stations direct on Nov. 20, you may discover you can climb much higher than you ever thought you could before.

Sagittarius 🍀👓🕸️🤔🤑

Lucky you! Venus is in your sign this month, and she brings you lots of suitors, financial opportunities, and joyful connections. That said, this is still a time to exercise caution. Put on your glasses and read the fine print. Not all jackpots come with no strings attached. What looks like a happy solution to a problem is only worth investing in if it actually supports your longterm goals. This is a time to look things over before making any big moves. If you dive in head first, you may find yourself with unwanted entanglements down the road. But if you can be judicious and resist your urge to charge full speed ahead, you’ll make the most of some really brilliant opportunities.

Capricorn 🤓🌠👨‍💻🔬🧪

This month is an excellent time for you to learn, gather valuable information, and form supportive networks, Capricorn. On the Nov. 9, Neptune planet of visions and dreams forms a sextile to your ruler Saturn, inspiring you to do the work necessary to make your dreams a reality. On the 13th, Mercury the great messenger forms another supportive sextile to Saturn. Key bits of information and details that were previously hidden to you may suddenly come into view. Instead of putting pressure on yourself to achieve, think of yourself as a scientist of achievement. Search inspiring details that give you new insights about the way things work in the areas you are passionate about, and when you are ready to apply your newfound knowledge, think of it as a great experiment.

Aquarius 🚶👪👁️🤡🏆

Aquarius, you tend to see yourself as a bit off or different from the rest. But this month, that attribute is exactly what will attract others to you. It’s no time for isolation. In fact, it’s time to step out of your shell and share your unique vision—especially at work. This could prove challenging at times as you often prefer to fly solo. But right now the group needs your spirited willingness to do things differently. Be your weirdest self, and you’ll be rewarded handsomely. 


Pisces🌪️☁️ 👀💫⏩

Your ruling planet, Neptune, has been retrograde since June. This has brought valuable lessons about the dangers of getting too caught up in the chaos of dreams or fantasies about the way life could be instead of dealing with your present reality. This month is the final chapter of these lessons, and it’s a good time to look back at what you’ve learned. You’ll also get a cosmic boost from powerful Saturn, a planet with a no-nonsense, get the job done attitude. The clouds will part, and you’ll start to see things more accurately. If this sounds heavy, it doesn’t have to be. You’re simply learning how to heal and transform the part of you that says, “I don’t think I can.” Put one foot in front of the other, and when Neptune stations direct on the 27th, you’ll fast forward to remarkable results.

Aries 🏃🛑🦂😨💪

You’ve probably been on the move lately, Aries. You hate to sit still, and you love getting things done. But this month, your ruler Mars enters introspective Scorpio. This means you’ll have to slow down and get deep. You’d probably rather go run a half marathon than examine emotional pain, but running from your wounds won’t make them disappear. Instead, see if you can channel your inner fire into a passion for knowing yourself and your fears more fully. If you can face your inner self with the same courage you show to the world, you’ll become a more powerful and potent version of you.

Taurus ⚡🌿😩😴😌

Uranus in your sign has been moving and shaking your foundations. You’re growing. And it’s not always comfortable, but it is geared to getting you long term results. This month, Taurus, it’s important that you find a balance between growth and rest. You are diligent to a fault, and you may be applying your hard-working mindset to all areas of your life. But slowing down to water your plants or snuggle up with a good book and a blanket is just as important as putting your nose to the grindstone. In fact, it’s essential. If you don’t slow down, you may find yourself burning out when the full moon in your sign on the 12th illuminates what isn’t working about the ways you’ve been working. It’s OK to do less. In fact, right now, less is more. So don’t feel guilty about taking that nap. You deserve it.

Gemini 🚧🚨🤐💓👄

Mercury, your ruler is in retrograde this month, so even though everyone’s going a bit haywire right now you’ll probably feel it extra. Review your emails before hitting send. Revise. Edit. Bite your tongue. It’s a time to reflect and take it all in. It’s also a good time to consider the emotional integrity of Scorpio. Can you bring more passion to your messaging? Can you mine your past for inspiration? People love your joyful, playful side, but they’ll respect you even more if you show them you’ve got depth.

Cancer 🎭📋⚖️😭💞

This month, your mind will be in two worlds: the mystical world of emotion and the concrete world of practical matters. It may feel confusing at times, like you’re not sure whether to throw all your energy into your emotional life or to pretend you feel nothing and work work work. The best approach is actually to strike a balance. The sensitive you needs the practical you, and the practical you needs to feel. So do your chores but cry your tears. There is room for both sides of you, and in fact, they can take up equal amounts of space.

Leo 🔥✊😳📣🎗️

You may be feeling extra passionate lately about causes and plights that are dear to your heart. You want people to see you as fun-loving, exciting, and always up for a good time. So you may even feel a bit of shame when speaking to matters that you deem a bit more intense or serious. But actually reviewing what you care about and sharing it with an audience is a point of real talent for you. Don’t worry about being a party pooper. Instead, think about how you can use your charisma and creativity to do the most good right now. You have the capacity to inspire others to dedicate themselves to your cause. Don’t be afraid to step into a role of power.

Virgo 💥😖🙏😎📝

Eek! Your ruler is in retrograde. You probably will face some frustrations this month as delays and miscommunications put your best-laid plans on pause. As a meticulous organizer and planner, you may even fantasize that by really running over all the details with a fine-toothed comb, you can prevent mishaps. But this kind of thinking can backfire. You may find yourself doubly stressed from imagining that you can control everything. You can’t. Instead, consider that some obstacles are here to help you. As much as it goes against your thinking, practice gratitude for delays and all the ways they open up space to reflect and revise. You crave perfection, and hindsight is 20/20, so don’t worry about using your talents to control the future. Rest assured that no matter what goes wrong, you can adjust the details to keep yourself on course for success. 

Libra 👍🌤️🤔🤷‍♀️😍

You’ll be full of renewed enthusiasm this month as your ruler Venus enters cheerful Sagittarius. You may even be surprised or perplexed by your optimism. No matter what goes wrong, you’ll find yourself looking on the bright side.  But you tend to look at both sides of every situation, so you may find yourself doubting your own positive thinking. It’s important to remember that seeing all sides doesn’t have to mean adopting all attitudes. If being an optimist is working for you, go with it! Enjoy the sunny outlook and trust that you possess all the intelligence necessary to assess your situation honestly. You’re not a fool for being happy; in fact, you’d be foolish not to enjoy all the good that’s coming your way. So relish it. 

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