Elderly influencers make tearful plea for return of stolen purse

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An elderly U.K. couple with more than 111,000 Instagram followers posted a tearful plea on Saturday asking for the safe return of a stolen purse.

In the video, Geoffrey Walker explains that while his wife Pauline was out shopping in Coalville, England, someone reached among her bags and stole her handbag. He says that while the bank has assured them that the bank has frozen the credit cards, they would still very much like the bag back.

“She’s very upset,” Walker explains. “The money will be gone but she’d very much like the purse back. Love to everybody.”


At his side, Pauline Walker is visibly upset and crying.

The couple’s Instagram account, @geoffreywalk, took off in 2017 when one of their followers posted about the account on Twitter.

“This old man I know always posts instas of his wife and they’re so sweet bless him,” @LaurenSkell wrote.

The couple’s posts usually include pictures of the couple’s grandchildren, great-grandchildren, their walks, and their meals.

An image of Pauline Walker uploaded on Monday indicated they’re trying to move past the tragedy of the lost purse.

“We have now moved on and back to normal,” the caption said. “We have had over 3,000 [messages] of goodwill. Unfortunately we have not been able to read or acknowledge them all.”


Geoffrey Walker declined the Daily Dot’s request for comment.


Collyn Burke

Collyn Burke

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