woman shares dunkin experience, never what she expects

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‘None of your employees are on the same page’: Dunkin’ customer blasts baristas for messing up mobile drink order

‘They should change their slogan to ‘expect the unexpected’ at this point.’


Melody Heald


Unpleasant experiences at Dunkin’ have been circulating on TikTok. Whether it be from workers complaining or disgruntled customers, folks are taking to the platform to recount their thoughts and experiences on the coffee chain.

The latest to join the slew of TikToks is a woman who went viral after sharing her experience using Dunkin’s mobile app. In the clip, user Elise Maria (@eliseeatsplants) sits in her car to recount her story.

“I have a question: does a single Dunkin’ Donuts have a clue, ever?” Elise asks her followers. “I don’t think so.”

Elise launches into her storytime, explaining that that morning, she placed an order via the app. Without notifying Elise, she says the workers substituted her oat milk with whole milk because the former was out of stock. As soon as she arrived at the location, Elise says her order wasn’t ready despite the app telling her otherwise. Taking matters into her own hands, she notified the workers, saying, “so, I know this is my fault but it doesn’t look like you made my drink yet. Is there any way I can switch this and pay the difference?”

Both almond milk and oat milk were not available so the drink was replaced with coconut milk, Elise says. She also claims the worker told her they wouldn’t charge her extra for the non-dairy milk and handed Elise her food. As Elise’s bad luck would have it, she says she also received the wrong food order for a “Willow,” which contained a breakfast tortilla taco instead of her hashbrowns.

Elise claims despite saying they wouldn’t charge her for the mix-up, one of the employees yelled at the other that Elise “needs to pay for [the milk].” Elise concludes that her drink was already made but they “made it iced” and had to remake it in the end.

@eliseeatsplants they should change their slogan to “expect the unexpected” at this point #dunkin ♬ original sound – elise maria

The video garnered over 54,000 views as of Saturday, resonating with viewers as they noticed how terribly Dunkin’ is run.

“I’m convinced dunkin will hire literally anyone,” one viewer said.

“Dunkin employees are always doing something questionable,” a second wrote.

“They have such potential I don’t get why they’re all like this,” a third stated.

“Everytime I order Dunkin I expect to roll up to the window and be told they are out of something,” another added.

Viewers who claimed to be former Dunkin’ employees explained why the workers are like this, saying that they aren’t trained.

“I worked there for like a year and I can confirm they didn’t train us ONCE. I had to figure out pretty much everything on my own,” one commented.

“Former dunkin employee here, I received absolutely no training,” a second confirmed. “Thankfully I’d worked at a coffee shop before, but dunkin didn’t train me at all.”

“As a former dunkin employee no we do not get proper training,” another echoed.

Someone who claimed to be a current employee elaborated on why the app doesn’t notify customers when they’re out of something, writing, “Dunkin employee here! ya I hate that our app doesn’t allow us to notify our customers when we run out of something. I usually just wait til the person comes in and ask how I could replace it. our supply trucks suck unfortunately so it happens a lot. however they shouldn’t have made u pay for it.”

Others shared their experiences with Dunkin’.

“I stopped going to Dunkin when they change the rewards. Got to spend $90 to get a free drink now and no birthday drink,” one person wrote.

“I ordered an iced caramel macchiato and a beautiful green tea latte was waiting for me. Still drank it but,” a second shared.

“They forgot my order once. after waiting 15 mins for it I asked someone and they said it was my fault they forgot my order & proceeded to laugh at me,” a third wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to Elise for comment via TikTok comment and to Dunkin’ via press email.

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