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‘Zaxby’s ain’t the place to go when you on a time constraint’: ‘Karen’ feuds with other customers at Zaxby’s over long drive-thru line (updated)

'All of these Karens think they are special and laws don’t apply to them.'


Gisselle Hernandez


Posted on Feb 2, 2022   Updated on Feb 7, 2022, 1:11 pm CST

A viral TikTok video shows a woman feuding with fellow customers after getting stuck in a very long drive-thru line at a Zaxby’s in Hixson, Tennessee.

TikToker Amber Saunders (@peachezbabii77) posted a clip of her and her friend waiting in line at the fast-food restaurant when the woman got stuck behind them after getting her order. In the video, the woman walks up to the driver’s car window and asks them to move. The video then pans to a long line of vehicles wrapped around the restaurant’s building, clearly showing there is no space to move. 

“If you were on a time limit, you shouldn’t have come to Zaxby’s,” the passenger repeatedly says to the woman. 


At the end of the video, the woman complains the driver is in the middle of the intersection before walking back to her car. 

In a “storytime” video, Saunders alleges the woman threw racial slurs at the passenger and waved her arms in front of their car before Saunders started recording.

“She’s lucky I’m not who I used to be,” Saunders says in the follow-up video posted Tuesday. “Because it would’ve went down a whole lot different. Y’all probably wouldn’t have even seen it on video.” 

That video has since been viewed over 87,000 times.

“All of these Karens think they are special and laws don’t apply to them,” one user commented.  

“Yeah, Zaxby’s ain’t the place to go when you on a time constraint,” another said.

Others suggested Saunders should’ve “just been nice” and moved out of the way. But Saunders defended her and her friend’s strong response, saying the lady only had to wait a couple of minutes before laying on the horn. 

“She blew it out of proportion,” she said in a comment. “No need to be disrespectful because you’re in a hurry.” 

Update Feb. 3 6:33am CT: When reached for comment, Saunders told the Daily Dot that the passenger who was in her car is Black. “She called my friend a black heffer when she first got out of her car. my friend wasn’t even driving. she was mad she had to wait and acted like a child about it,” she alleged.

She said she recorded and posted the video because she “felt like people needed to see how this lady acted.”

“Even if she asked nicely, there was no direction I could’ve went until the car Infront of me moved.
I’m a very nice person,” she said before referring to the woman as “entitled.”

She said the woman only had to wait two minutes until Saunders was able to pull up, letting the woman out.

“Karen’s will be Karen’s when they get mad. they aren’t going anywhere,” she said. “I’ll make em famous anytime I get the chance.”

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*First Published: Feb 2, 2022, 2:05 pm CST