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‘Still didn’t have to trip her’: DoorDashers fight after one cuts line for food orders

'She deserved that.'


Jackie Ibarra


Posted on Jun 2, 2022   Updated on Jun 2, 2022, 8:01 pm CDT

A scuffle between DoorDash delivery drivers went viral after a video of the fight was posted to TikTok earlier this week.   

“OHHH LAWDDDDD!!!!……I don’t condone violence but THIS is why I don’t cut line in line,” the user who captured the video wrote. 

A three-part series posted by TikTok user and DoorDasher (@shesoblaszemusic) sequences the events leading up to the kicking and yelling in Cincinnati, Ohio. It’s not clear exactly where the incident took place, but according to the person who posted the video, it was a line designated for DoorDashers waiting to pick up food orders for Mother’s Day. 

The third video, which shows the actual fight, went the most viral with over 11.1 million views and 60,400 comments. 

The fight unfolds after one delivery driver allegedly cuts the line where others are standing. In that video, a voiceover reads out “Door Dash Chronicles” and “This is why I don’t cut in line,” then shows the two drivers getting into an argument. 

The first video in the series sets the scene of the fight. 

@shesoblaszemusic OHHH LAWDDDDD… why it gotta be raining like dis??? This weather makes people upset. #shesoblasze #rainyday #mothersday #everybodylikeme ♬ original sound – Bla’szé

It shows delivery drivers waiting in line in the rain for their orders while holding bags over their heads. Text overlay explains that the line for delivery drivers on Mother’s Day was 30 minutes long. 

The next video adds context to the situation. 

@shesoblaszemusic OHHH LAWDDDDD!!!…This How it all started… #shesoblasze #everybodylikeme #fypppp #mothersday #doordash ♬ Everybody Like Me – Bla’szé

Text overlay says, “The girl in the black just drove up and walked up to the front… which really pissed off this lady in front of me… she talking to somebody about it.” 

The third video shows the actual fighting going down.

@shesoblaszemusic OHHH LAWDDDDD!!!!… I don’t condone violence, but THIS is why I don’t cut in line. #shesoblasze #doordash #mothersday #fypppp #everybodylikeme ♬ Everybody Like Me – Bla’szé

With the views and comments still rising, the video shows the alleged cutter, labeled as “the girl in black,” grabbing her order. As she turns to walk away, the woman standing in line behind her trips her—and the kicking and shoving match begins. 

After the woman in black gets tripped, she then kicks the woman who is wearing purple. 

The woman in black again tries to kick the woman in purple while the woman in purple shoves her away. The shoving and kicking continue until the woman in purple yells “leave me alone,” and the woman in black hits her with what appears to be a gift bag before leaving the line. 

The user who posted the video repeats, “Y’all chill,” to the dashers fighting as the blows continue. Another man seen in the video says, “Next time, you won’t cut a line again.”

After seeing the context of the fight, commenters sided with one dasher or the other. 

“Okay no I get the full gist she deserved that,” one user wrote.

Another user commented that the woman “still didn’t have to trip her.”

However, other commenters weren’t convinced about what the line waiting policy is or if the fight was justified. 

“You mean to tell me that if I get there and my order is ready within 5 minutes, I have to wait in a 30 minute line because your orders aren’t ready?!” one user wrote.

Another alleged DoorDasher wrote, “As a dasher, if my order ready and yours ain’t why would I wait in line behind you.” 

The user who posted the fight to TikTok also posted it to her Instagram (@shesoblaszemusic). 

In a series of Instagram stories, she writes over the video of the fight, “I wish I would’ve caught the girl in black twerkin at the lady in purple when she went to the front….that’s why she tripped her.” 

The Daily Dot reached out to the user via Instagram message and TikTok comment but did not hear back by the time of publication.

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*First Published: Jun 2, 2022, 8:00 pm CDT