pizza delivery man at customer's front porch dropping box of pizza, putting it back


‘This made me sad’: People feel sorry for Domino’s deliverer caught dropping pizza, frantically putting it back

‘He was in panic mode and trying not to get fired.’


Eilish O'Sullivan


A viral TikTok video captured the moment a Domino’s delivery driver dropped a whole pizza and then panicked to put it back before unsuspecting customers answered the door.

The video, which was posted by @prerry29 and taken on a home security camera, has been viewed a whopping 2 million times since being posted on Feb. 24. It shows a Domino’s Pizza employee, who appears to be a senior citizen, on a customer’s front porch. He accidentally knocks over a pizza box that was resting on a ledge when ringing the doorbell. He frantically picks it back up, opens the box, and tries to fix the pizza inside with his hands. “He hurried to leave before we opened the door,” the TikToker writes and says, using the text-to-speech effect.

pizza delivery man at customer's front porch placing box of pizza on ledge
pizza delivery man at customer's front porch dropping box of pizza
pizza delivery man at customer's front porch touching pizza in box

The clip has divided viewers on TikTok.

While some are grossed out after watching the worker touch the food to seemingly avoid repercussions from his workplace, others feel bad for the employee, who was clearly in panic mode.

“Poor guy,” the top comment on the video reads. “He was in panic mode and tryn not to get fired. At least the pizza stayed in the box.”

One TikToker said that the worker should have just put the box back without opening it to fix the pizza. “I’d rather have messed up pizza than him touching it,” they said.

“An I the only one who felt bad for him? He obviously didn’t mean to,” another said.

Others noted how the worker was not the first employee to touch the pizza and that customers “don’t order Domino’s for our health.” “You do realize (you’re) ordering from a place with many ppl touching it and making it right?” one user questioned, encouraging some commenters to cut the worker, who is probably just trying to make a living, some slack.

Some are even chastising the customers who made the video public. One noted that while “he was definitely in the wrong for touching the pizza,” accidents happen and “not everything has to be posted on social media.”

“It’s an old person! I wouldn’t complain (it’s) just an accident,” another said, with another commenting that while they wouldn’t eat the pizza, they, too, wouldn’t “have reported him.”

TikTok comments on @prerry29's video
TikTok comments on @prerry29's video
TikTok comments on @prerry29's video

It remains unclear if the customers in this incident reported the employee.

People online have been expressing support for fast-food workers throughout the pandemic, considering just how essential they are while being often overworked and underpaid. Two Domino’s employees in Texas recently went viral for appearing exhausted while working through the historic winter storm that left millions of Texans suffering. And another recent TikTok video showed one Domino’s worker’s meltdown after not receiving a tip during a delivery made in the pouring rain. The viral instances have led to calls for higher wages and hazard pay for essential workers across the country.

The Daily Dot has reached out to he poster of the video.

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