dog birthday water stations with caption 'my dogs got invited to another dogs birthday party and there was water tasting stations there because millineals are extra as f*%k'


‘We can’t buy houses. Might as well’: Dog birthday party features water-tasting station so dogs can taste Evian in viral TikTok, sparking debate about millennials

‘Millennials are extra as f*ck.’


Clara Wang


A dog birthday party went viral on TikTok for featuring a “fine water-tasting station” so that dogs could taste different types of water brands.

TikToker @_l_fost_’s dog was invited to a dog birthday party. She took a video of the water-tasting station and posted it to TikTok with text overlay that reads: “My dog got invited to another dog’s birthday party and there was water-tasting stations because millennials are extra as f*ck.”

The station features a series of water bowls labeled with the water brand along the wall. Water brands featured at the tasting station include Evian and SmartWater. “Sip don’t gulp,” the sign above the station reads.

Her TikTok got over 799,000 views since being posted a week ago.

The video sparked a lighthearted debate in the comments section over how “extra” millennials are, as it is a generation with historically low homeownership and birth rates. According to CNBC, there are many reasons why millennials struggle economically. Not only are wages staying the same but the cost of living, school, and healthcare all continue to increase.

Some of comments are self-deprecating and poke fun at the “extra”-ness of a water tasting station for dogs.

“We can’t buy houses. Might as well spoil our dogs,” one said.

“We curate charcuterie boards for dogs, so nothing is too extra,” another wrote.

Others jumped on the focus group opportunities.

“Might have to rethink how we focus group,” says @core.

“The real question is what bowl was empty at the end,” says @user9096200661162.

The Daily Dot reached out to @_l_fost_ for comment.

Editor’s note: Due to a technical error, our original message to this TikToker may not have been delivered. We have since reached out.

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