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‘The DMV application process consists of them extensively choosing the MOST heartless people’: Creator exposes DMV employee superpower, sparking discussion

‘They may be heartless but they’re thorough.’


Dan Latu


TikTok firmly believes all employees at the Department of Motor Vehicles share the same special skill—humbling anyone who walks through their door. 

One popular creator’s video about a recent DMV visit has reached over 2 million views and ignited a fierce discussion. 

“I’m convinced that in order to work at the DMV one of the job requirements is you must be able to humble people,” TikToker Dutch (@dutchdeccc) says in the original video. 

@dutchdeccc the DMV will clear you #dmvemployees #dmv #cleared #humbled ♬ original sound – Dutch

While waiting in line at the DMV, the TikToker says he saw a man arguing with his girlfriend about forgotten documents. An employee Dutch calls “Miss K” quickly put an end to his nonsense. 

“Do not get slick with me,” she allegedly told the boyfriend. “I’m trying to help you, your girlfriend is trying to help you, everybody in this place is trying to help you.” 

Dutch explains that Miss K then dug even deeper into the boyfriend’s psyche, allegedly saying, “You can’t accept help because your ego is too big.” 

The boyfriend was apparently too shocked to respond before he was told to step aside. 

“Figure it out, and find another window. Not mine,” Miss K concludes, according to Dutch.

The TikToker’s take on DMV employees was relatable for many viewers in the comments, who shared their own stories of being humbled at the DMV.

“My dmv lady said, ‘don’t smile so much, happiness is not becoming of you,’” one user claimed.

“DMV employees made me cry and I swear to God they put me in the crying section and a security guard patted my shoulder like this was the norm,” another shared.

“I could bring the entire declaration of independence & they would still tell me I don’t have the right document,” a third joked.

One viewer argued that the workers lack heart.

“The DMV application process consists of them extensively choosing the MOST heartless people and they shock them if they smile,” they wrote in a top comment that received nearly 4,000 likes.

However, several users defended DMV employees and their often direct, albeit rough, demeanor.

“They may be heartless but they’re thorough,” one TikToker explained. “The one time i had a nice dmv employee, she made 3 separate mistakes that i had to go back and fix.”

“They’re really the superheroes of this world,” a second added.

The Daily Dot reached out to Dutch via Instagram message.

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