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‘I would literally die if I had to work at this Starbucks’: TikToker posts about baristas at crowded Disney World location

‘Imagine all the frappuccinos they have to make…’


Braden Bjella


There is a frequent debate about the most popular Starbucks location in the United States. A 2015 article in The Independent claims that the country’s busiest Starbucks is in the CIA headquarters of Langley, Virginia. Others swear that the most bustling location is the original store in Seattle or one of Starbucks’ many locations in New York.

However, a user on TikTok may have found a new top contender for the busiest Starbucks location: the Main Street Bakery at Walt Disney World Resort.

In a now-viral video, user @theenchantedagent documents long lines full of families waiting to receive their drinks.

“Not to be dramatic, but I would literally die if I had to work at this Starbucks,” she says in the video. In overlay text, she adds: “Hats off to the Starbucks Cast Members on Main Street USA.”

The video has garnered over 146,000 views since it was posted on July 8.

@theenchantedagent Ya’ll deserve a raise #starbucks #coffeetok #disneytok #magickingdom ♬ Steamboat Willie – Walt Disney

Located in the Magic Kingdom, the Main Street Bakery is one of several locations in Disney World where one can buy Starbucks coffee. None of these locations carry the Starbucks name, instead featuring names better suited to the area of Disney in which they’re located.

While much of the menu is similar to a typical Starbucks, the restaurant also offers location-specific items like a “Mickey Cinnamon Roll” and an “Opening Day Celebration Cake.”

On TikTok, users shared their thoughts on the Disney Starbucks.

Some claimed that working at this Starbucks might actually be easier than other locations.

“Fun fact: these are actually easier to work and operate because they don’t operate drive-thrus or mobile ordering!” claimed one user.

“They have so many ppl working to prepare for Disney crowds,” added a second, “I don’t think they face the same issues as other crowded starbs.”

“It’s very organized. Hats off,” a third wrote, “I don’t think it’s that much different than my local Starbucks between drive up and inside.”

Some commenters, who claimed to be former Disney Starbucks workers, disagreed.

“Yea i got hired here after working at a regular starbucks and quit after a week,” shared a TikToker, “Back at regular starbucks bc it was NOT worth the free disney pass.”

“I used to work at the Disney springs one. It made me start smoking for the first time ever.” 

“I did, cried everyday and had to leave early cause I wouldn’t stop crying,” a further user wrote. “That ended up being my last day.”

Others shared sympathy for the Main Street Bakery employees.

“imagine all the frappuccinos they have to make…” wrote one commenter.

“My anxiety could never,” another user shared.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @theenchantedagent via TikTok comment.

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