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‘When your financial success directly depends on the shape of your body’: Depop seller describes the stress of modeling clothes in viral TikTok

'...the way the model looks really influences us when shopping.'


Elizabeth Rose


Posted on Dec 23, 2021   Updated on Dec 23, 2021, 10:38 am CST

It’s a reseller’s reality. 

The perfect body in photos sells while any flaw can mean difficulty finding a buyer. 

In a video posted this month on @Bucktooth_HQ’s Tiktok, one woman says not only can it make-or-break a bank account—but spirits too. 

Bucktooth, a vintage resell supplier, offers its products on Depop, a London-based online marketplace where people can buy or sell fashion. 

@Shop_Bucktooth shares the story of one blue velvet dress that no one seems to want and the reason she thinks it was difficult to sell. 

“Having a body on Depop truly is exhausting and this is coming from somebody who is a size 8,” she says in the video. 


When your financial success directly depends on the shape of your body 🤪💯 #depop

♬ original sound – Bucktooth

The creator says the product posting is a photo someone else took, “Instead of me taking them on self-timer myself so I could have the chance to contort my body into the most perfect hourglass shape that I possibly could.”

“No attention didn’t sell,” she adds. 

Moments later she shares her refreshed photos in the same dress with different poses using her self-timer. 

“It got a bunch of likes and pretty much sold immediately,” she says. 

She goes on to add that maybe it’s the background or other circumstances but this happens over and over. If her body doesn’t look perfect in the clothing item, people don’t want it for themselves. 

“I just am tired,” she adds. 

“The worst is when someone asks me to model something because I know the moment I do they won’t be interested anymore,” one woman wrote in the comment section, liked by the creator. 

Another commenter adds, “It’s true, even if we don’t think about it the way the model looks really influences us when shopping at regular stores too.”

Others were quick to point out the quality of both photos. 

“I feel like you look the same in both pictures but you can see the dress more in the second,” one girl writes. 

“While I completely agree [with] what you’re saying there is a huge difference in the quality + lighting in those two sets of photos,” another adds. 

Regardless, the video captioned, “When your financial success directly depends on the shape of your body,” seems to bring up good points othesr in the reselling space and retail space can totally relate to. 

“100% a real thing my friend and this girl had the same supplier & listed the same clothing,” another commenter shares. “The other girl had a “beauty std” body and she sold.” 

We’ve reached out to @Shop_Bucktooth for comment.

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*First Published: Dec 23, 2021, 8:25 am CST