manager writing up employee on a cake with caption 'when your employee walks out during their shift cause they said you were being 'annoying' cause you asked them to clean something so you have to write them up. But they're still your favorite employee and don't want them to quit so you print their write up on a cake.'


Dairy Queen manager uses cake to write-up worker for ‘walking out’ mid-shift, sparking debate

“When your employee walks out during their shift cause they said you were being ‘annoying.'”


Gisselle Hernandez


A Dairy Queen manager’s TikTok went viral after she printed her “favorite employee’s” write-up on a cake. The TikToker took to piping the edible write-up when the employee allegedly walked out during their shift. 

“When your employee walks out during their shift cause they said you were being ‘annoying’ cause you asked them to clean something so you have to write them up but they’re still your favorite employee and don’t want them to quit so you print their write up on a cake,” the overlay text on the video reads. 

User @dqshelbytwpmi then prints the warning form on edible paper before piping in the details with icing. The video has amassed 1.4 million views since being posted on Jan. 26. The TikTok account is run by Miranda, a district manager in Shelby Township, Michigan.

Miranda told the Daily Dot via TikTok direct message that she asked the 15-year old employee to clean up chocolate splatter more than once when he decided to leave. 

“He’s been working for me for over a year and is normally a great employee,” Miranda said.  “So this was definitely out of character for him.”

The manager said she handled the situation privately and coached him on the proper way to complete his duties. She got the idea to print the write-up form on edible paper when she saw the computer was plugged into the edible image printer. 

 “I have a good relationship with my employees and we like to have fun at work,” Miranda said. “So he signed the real write up then we made a cake with the other one together.” 

Miranda did not expect the amount of criticism she would receive when she uploaded the TikTok to the account’s 2 million followers. The TikToker uses the platform to showcase many cake decorating videos and other “behind-the-scenes” content at her workplace. She said she considers the account hers since she created and runs it but receives encouragement from Dairy Queen corporate to be creative and highlight the ice cream franchise’s products. So when commenters began dragging her and her employer, Miranda tried to defend herself. 

“Do you pay more than $15 an hour? Oh ok,” a user commented. 

“Not to unskilled 15-year-olds,” Miranda responded. 

Miranda told the Daily Dot she never discloses pay information but that didn’t stop commenters from accusing her of being an ageist for paying teenagers less than adults. She said has been working for the ice cream company for almost a decade and worked her way up from a minimum-wage employee herself. 

“I’m passionate about teaching my staff the importance of hard work and grit to produce the results we want and therefore a greater reward,” she told the Daily Dot. 

The TikToker pointed out that many restaurants are short-staffed due to the pandemic, so she wouldn’t terminate an employee after one wrongdoing. 

“As a leader, it’s my job to teach him,” she added. 

Still, Miranda tried to fend off angry commenters and explain the employee deserved a write-up, but it did little to help. 

“This landed on the wrong side of TikTok for sure” she replied to a comment. “But it’s okay they can stay mad and keep commenting cause I’m part of the creator fund.” 

Miranda told the Daily Dot the store owners let her keep the money she makes from her TikToks.

“Although it’s really not as much as people think it is,” she added. 

Miranda reiterated she understood how employees feel but that she would never ask her crew to do something she wouldn’t do herself. “Respect is earned both ways,” she said. 

When a commenter tagged the official Dairy Queen TikTok account asking if Miranda is the type of person they want to be representing their brand, the TikToker cheekily responded. 

“I give them millions in free advertising,” she wrote back. “I can post a couple of videos of me joking around and having fun with my employees lol.” 

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