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‘Why women hate their bodies 101’: TikToker measures corset and claims the size tag is off by several inches, sparking debate

Viewers expressed frustration with confusing fitting guides and inconsistent measurements.


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Posted on Feb 7, 2022   Updated on Feb 9, 2022, 1:53 pm CST

In a viral TikTok video, one user measures a corset to find that the size tag may be off from its listed band width, sparking controversy in the comments. 

“Why women h@te [sic] their bodies 101,” user @aloydespitethenora captioned the video.


why women h@te their bodies 101

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The corset tag says it’s a size 32G, and the width of the garment measures up to 26 inches. The brand is Dominique Apparel.

“Even stretched it goes up to vaguely 26 and a half,” the TikToker says.

According to the brand’s site, band size measurements should be calculated by adding five to the customer’s ribcage measurement. If it is an uneven number, they should go up to the higher size. Thus, a person whose ribcage measurement is 26 inches would add five to get 31, which would round up to nearest size of 32.

Despite these measurements being consistent with their online sizing guide, the TikTok received over 150,000 views and sparked outrage in the comments. Many expressed frustration with confusing fitting guides and inconsistent measurements.

“It should be illegal to list incorrect measurements, it’s so frustrating and damaging,” one user said.

“ik womens sizing is always all over the place but anything with a band size like that should be consistent???? bc it’s the literal measurement ??????” another argued.

The TikToker responded with a trick they’ve used to get the correct bra measurements. Using that method, the corset would still be four inches off for them.

“Exactly! Like I’ve heard the take your measurements and add 2 (which is dumb) but like this isn’t even close,” the creator said.

The “add four or five” method of band measurement is divisive, and some critics believe band sizes should be more accurate to actual bust size.

The TikToker shared a follow-up video showing other bra measurements not aligning with their tag size or following a standard measurement. 

“I have been going through the saga of trying to find a bra that fits, measuring myself, going everywhere, and I can never find one that fits properly. I’m convinced it’s because there is no standard bra size,” they say.

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Similarly, the comments section became a place for users to vent about unstandardized sizing across all brands and clothing items.

“I’ve totally burst into tears before after a bra I ordered didn’t fit. It’s so frustrating when sizing is all over the place,” one user said.

“This is why i have size 4 and size 12 jeans that fit the same,” said another.

However, others said that when it comes to bra sizing, the band size should measure 4 inches more than a person’s rib cage measurement.

“Yep! The actual measurement for my band is smaller than the size i have to wear. I measure like a 42 but i need to wear a 46… and I’m a B cup,” one user said.

“I worked at a Frederick’s of Hollywood store for a few [years] back in the 90s. We were taught the traditional sizing method. To determine band size, add 4″ to the ribcage measurement if it’s an even number & 5″ if odd number, that will give you the band size. So, for a 27″ ribcage, a 32 band size is correct,” another user said.

Following that sizing method, the measurement would still be off by up to two inches. The commenter continued to argue for universal sizing to avoid confusion and frustration among customers.

“I believe the misconception on sizing is due to stores like [Victoria’s Secret] creating vanity sizing, so women think their band size is smaller than it actually is. I agree sizing should be universal & manufacturers should be required to follow this rule,” they said.

The Daily Dot reached out to user @aloydespitethenora via TikTok comment and Dominique Apparel via email.

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*First Published: Feb 7, 2022, 9:30 am CST